Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Particularly useless -- though not wrong -- to speak of love as blindness, bewilderment, keeping your head down. (Pleasantly smutty, though.)


O'Hara not known to have a taste for European epigrammaticisms. Brevity as the soul of no expansive empathic hotcha?


My metabolism has sped up. I need twice as much protein as I did a few weeks ago, and four times as much water.


Happiness: never having heard of self-googling. Autogol.


Still finishing last year's lists. By my rights, another fifteen journals to finish, including the damnably huge Fulcrum and Fascicle.

Looking at ways to make it possible to give equal attention to books and journals in '06: mainly through vigilance re exchange subscriptions, keeping in touch with presses re review copies, and rewiring my time not to include so much other stuff. One way to achieve that involves healthy competition.


They're still afraid to pitch to me.


Convergence has happened.

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