Saturday, August 27, 2005

My imaginary anthology for 2005 is starting to have a shape:

Joseph Lease, "Free Again" **
Jerome Sala, "A History of White People"**
Jim Behrle, "New Pussy"**
Blas Manuel de Luna, "Huron"**
Anne Boyer, "A Reader for Those who do not Live in Cities"**
Henry Taylor, "Vision at Wood's Edge"**
John Ashbery, "Interesting People of Newfoundland"**
Gary Lenhart, "Garbage and Gravy"**
Noelle Kocot, "After His Woman Is Killed, Conan the Barbarian..."**
Reamy Jansen, "How I Became a Sensitive Soul"**
Kevin Fitzgerald, "Lumière"**
Lawrence Joseph, "The Game Changed"**
Cynthia Sailers, "YOU ARE HERE"**
Alice Notley, "Oath"**
Lisa Isaacson, "Viable Pack (The Collar)"**
Sarah Manguso, "Spectacular Pyrotechnics"**
Juliana Spahr, from "Unevenness"**
Jesse Glass, "The Passion of Phineas Gage"**
Jenn Habel, "Thoreau Entered His Cabin Fifty Years Before Freud..."**
John Minczeski, "Japanese Tree Lilac"**
Gonzalo Millan, tr. Annegret Nill, "Domestic Apocalypse"**
Nikolai Oleinikov, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky, "In Service of Science"**
David Shapiro, "Don Quixote Reading"**
Ted Mathys, "The Hole in the Fog"**
Cynthia Huntington, "Shot Up in the Sexual Revolution (The True Adventures of Suzie Creamcheese)"**
Susan Tichy, "One, Two"**
Robert Creeley, "Old Story"**
Eric Paul Shaffer, "Mozart and the Mockingbird"**
Jen Bervin, from "A Non-Breaking Space"**
Young Smith, "What It Made Him Think of Was the Sea"**
Alfred Corn, "Connectedness of All Things"**
Thomas Dukes, "Gospels from the Lower Shelf"**
Lola Haskins, "Sky Shots"**
J. Allyn Rosser, "Q and A Step Out"**
Anselm Berrigan, "Some Notes on My Programming"**
Kevin Davies, "Excerpts from an Ongoing Narrative of Some Length"**
K. Silem Mohammad, "Driving Into the Wreck"**
Anne Pierson Wiese, "How We Memorize"**
John Colburn, "in sales"**
Brian Dewan, "The New Face of Business"**
Dara Wier, "A Stick, a Cup, A Bowl, a Comb"**
Marlys West, "We Made You Out of Wax"**
Bob Hicok, "My new neighbor"**
Amy Gerstler, "For My Niece Sidney, Age Six"**
Mark Halliday, "Cleaning the Apartment"**
Heloise, tr. William Levitan, "First Letter"**
Ange Mlinko, "Poetry as Scholarship"**
D.E. Steward, "Novembris"**
G.C. Waldrep, "City in Search of a Death"**
Ed Smith, "Paterson"**
Matthew M. Byrne, "Hangover"**
Cyril Dabydeen, "Communal Living"**
James Grinwis, "Ode to the How"**
J.J. Blickstein, "Signs"**
Ken MacKenzie, "The Importance of Things"**?
Katherine Taylor, "Rules for Saying Goodbye"**?
Abraham Smith, "For Fear a Bear"**
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, tr. Alexis Levitin, "Tree Trunks"**
Louis Scutenaire, tr. Jan Baetens & Michael Kasper, "My Accounts"**
Michael Ryan, "No Warning No Reason"**
Joe Kane, "The Boy Who Nearly Won the Texaco Art Competition"**
Frederick Seidel, "France for Boys"**
John Koethe, "Hamlet"**
Jane Wampler, "More Sinking than Standing"**
Alberto Blanco, tr. Elise Miller, "It's Not for Nothing"**
Katherine Soniat, "Red Again"**
Mary Ruefle, "A Poet's Dictionary"**
Tim Seibles, "Douglass, a Last Letter"**
Jeffrey Skinner, "Poem Beginning with Submission Guidelines"**
Marie Harris, "Flight Lines"**?
Nicole Walker, "Falling, Self-Admonition"**?
Paul Muldoon, "Alba"**?
Hadara Bar-Nadav, "Rumination"**
David Lehman, "On a Line from The Following Story"**
Linh Dinh, "The Endless Bar"**
Honor Moore, "Wallace Stevens"**
Jeff Baker, "Charcoal and Ochre Constructions on a Bone Black Ground"**?
Jonathan Weinert, "Variation on the Theme I Am"**?
Laura Kasischke, "At Gettysburg"**
Franz Wright, "Woods Hole Ferry"**
Guy Goffette, tr. Marilyn Hacker, "Construction-Site of the Elegy"**
Chase Twichell, "Tech Help"**
Mary Jo Salter, "A Phone Call to the Future"**?
George Guida, "My Mother's Ink"**
F. Daniel Rzicznek, "Buying a Christmas Tree"**
Andrzej Bursa, tr. Kevin Christianson and Halina Ablamowicz, "Letter to My Wife and Little Son on Vacation"**
Elaine Equi, "Conversations with Fountains"**
Ray Gonzalez, "Findings (2)"**
Priscilla Atkins, "Wood"**?
Sara Johnson, "It Is Autumn, And"**?
Gwendolen Gross, "The Woman Who Collected"**
Mary Diane Hausman, "Poem for 21st-Century Bohemians"**?
Susan Browne, "If Not Now, When?"**
Barry Sternlieb, "The Way to Maine"**?
Matthew Sisson, "A Higher Love"**?
Jay Leeming, "Not"**
Dore Kiesselbach, "Rim"**?
Meghan Gardner, "The House with the Missing Roof"**
K.E. Duffin, "Betty the Barking Airedale Burns"**?
Anselm Berrigan, "To K"**
Ron Padgett, "The Death of Empedocles"**
Nicolas Hundley, "Impressive Ambassador"**
Sima Rabinowitz, "Notes to My Biographer from Rosalind Franklin (b.1920-d.1958)**
Chris Casamassima, "The Strange Case of the Internal Dialogue"**?
Chris Casamassima, "The Incident in the Living Room of a Famous Dentist"**?
Charles Harper Webb, "I Can't Stop Thinking of Harold Von Braunhut"
Erika Meitner, "The Night Before the Wedding"
John Yau, "Robert Desnos Writes"**
Scott Inguito, "Soweto Lash Dismay"**
Suzanne Doppelt, tr. Cole Swensen, "extracts from Some Sound Bell"**?
Don Share, "Squandermania, or: Falling asleep over Delmore Schwartz"**
Vinay Dharwadker, "Walking toward the Horizon"**
H. Masud Taj, "The Travelling Nonvegetarian"**
Eunice de Souza, "Outside Jaisalmer"**
Gopal Honnalgere, "You Can't Will"**
Jennifer K. Dick, "Invisible Palaces"**
David Samoilov, tr. Alexandra Dubinskaya, "At This Moment"**
Abd El-Rehim Youssef, tr. Samy Ismail, "Signs"**
Tony Trigilio, "Oh, Death"**
Brendan Galvin, "Sergeant Crocker Newton's Indie Film Debut"**
Liz Beasley, "Hippocampus"**
Justin Sirois, "globs of blogs"**
Richard Wirick, "Siberian Postcards"***
Lauran Goodwin, "Mermaid"**
Laura Kasischke, "The Thigh"**
George Kalamaras, "Pharmacology and Despair"**
Rob Cook, "Wolf Meadow"**
Phil Crippen, "Babylonian Bride"**?
Nate Pritts, ":The Hole in the Sky:"**
Jenny Browne, "Halloween: Pregnancy Test Negative/Blood Sugar High"**
Jenny Browne, "Spring Psalm"**
Gale Renee Walden, "Philosophy 101"**
Peter O'Leary, "To Suffer to Pass Through"**
Stephanie Young, "Happy Equinox, Happy Valentine's Day"**?
Ryan Philip Kulefsky, "To My Dearest Leftus..."**
Andrew Schelling, tr., "Twelve from the Sattasai of King Hala"**
Anna Moschovakis, "Critical Writing"**
Clay Matthews, "Mississippi Moon"**
Clay Matthews, "Poem Ending with Hands on Handlebars"**
Chris Vitiello, "Against Metaphor"**
Erika Howsare, "What found led to is"**
Ray Craig, "Three Collections at the Risk of Repetition"**
John Sullivan, "Scrabble Blues"**
Andrzej Sosnowski, tr. Bill Johnston, from "Zoom"**
Tony Gloeggler, "Thoughts and Theories of Space and Distance When Your
. Girlfriend Says She Wants to Live Together..."**
Rebecca Lindenberg, "Confessions of a Sensualist"**

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