Wednesday, January 12, 2005

POEMS 2005


1. Mairead Byrne, "Rose Colored Spectacles" (in Carve 4)
2. D. Nurkse, "A Walk in Giovanna's Park"
3. Thomas Sayers Ellis, "All Their Stanzas Look Alike" (in The Maverick Room, Graywolf)
4. Margot Schilpp, "Taking Leave of My Senses"
5. Margot Schilpp, "Reaching Danger"
6. Margot Schilpp, "Apples and Oranges" (4-6 in Laws of My Nature, Carnegie Mellon)
7. Maureen Thorson, "Ocean" (in Novelty Act, Ugly Duckling, Dec. 04)
8. Susan Wheeler, "The Debtor in the Convex Mirror"
9. Dean Young, "Glory" (in Elegy on Toy Piano)
10. Brent Cunningham, "The Orations of Trillius Patronius" (in Bird & Forest, Ugly Duckling)
11. Joseph Lease, "Free Again" (in Xantippe 3)**
12. Blas Manuel de Luna, "Huron" (in Bent to the Earth, Pittsburgh)
13. Jerome Sala, "A History of White People"**
14. Jerome Sala, "Meditation #8" (in Look Slimmer Instantly, Soft Skull)
15. Joe Elliott, "My Apologies to Everyone"
16. Rodney Koeneke, "I Remember"
17. Lee Ann Brown, "8th month couplets"
18. Rae Armantrout, "Again"
19. Bill Luoma, from "dear filesystem panic"
20. John Latta, "Uncial and Zip" (15-20 in Poker 6)
21. Joshua Edwards, "Absence as Philosophy"
22. Kate Greenstreet, "plaster cast of a tire track"
23. Brennen Wysong, "Reference Marks" (21-23 in Xantippe 3)
24. Elaine Equi, "To Do"
25. Robin Becker, "Gay Marriage Villanelle"
26. Maureen Seaton, "When I Was a Criminal"
27. Jacques Roubaud (tr. K & R Waldrop), "The Time of Lightning" (24-27 in Court Green 2)
28. Dana Ward, "I Didn't Build This Machine"
29. Dana Ward, "The Manufacture of Bliss"
30. Dana Ward, "An Appeal to the Young"
31. Mary Ann Samyn, "Cabin Fever in the Gray World"
32. Maureen Thorson, "The Robot"
33. Maggie Nelson, "Radio Play"
34. Maggie Nelson, "Morning Prayer"
35. Maggie Nelson, "What It Is"
36. Shafer Hall, "And Then the Whole Place Got Dark" (28-36 in The Tiny 1)
37. Jim Behrle, "New Pussy"** (Poetry Project reading, 6/05)
38. Stephanie Young, "Go Not Lightly Into the World of Wonder"
39. James Meetze, "Asleep Suite"
40. Alli Warren, "Fumbling Buttons"
41. Alli Warren, "An Affect of I (Cockpit Lock)"
42. Laura Elrick, "mouth starts"
43. Kaia Sand, "proceed like a spindle"
44. Kaia Sand, "where the mud mounds people gather for a vista"
45. Chris Pusateri, "Rods & Cones" (38-45 in Magazine Cypress 3)
46. Rae Armantrout, "Yonder"
47. Bernadette Mayer, "Dear Amended Return Acknowledge"
48. Bernadette Mayer, "Daddy Long Legs"
49. Bernadette Mayer, "To Admiral Scott About Space"
50. Rod Smith, "Camel Light"
51. Rod Smith, "Norvo"
52. Geoffrey Young, "Perfection"
53. Geoffrey Young, "What Is This Thing Called"
54. Geoffrey Young, "A Nightclub Called Robin"
55. Ron Padgett, "Traveling with Kenneth"
56. Ron Padgett, "A Train for Kenneth"
57. Ron Padgett, "In Memoriam K."
58. Ray Ragosta, "On the Rocks"
59. Steve Dickison, from "Schallplattenspieler"
60. Katie Degentesh, "Meat We Can Eat"
61. Tim Davis, from "Bumper Sticker Humor"
62. Brian Kim Stefans, "Axis Thinking"
63. Lewis Warsh, "Inseparable"
64. Chris Edgar, "The Two Toledos"
65. Mark DuCharme, "Mortal Twirl"
66. Cole Swensen, "The Hand As Mansion"
67. Eileen Hennessy, "On and Off the Avenue"
68. Rikki Ducornet, "Drift" (46-68 in Shiny 13)
69. Mairead Byrne, "On Chalkstone in Spring"
70. Anne Boyer, "A Reader for Those who do not Live in Cities"**
71. Anne Boyer, "A Romance of Happy Workers"
72. Jim Goar, "Sunday"
73. Justin Marks, "Little Happier"
74. Rachel Moritz, "Borrowed Wave"
75. Jen Tynes, "Nota Bene"
76. Sam White, "Why Not Lower the Drinking Age to 12?" (71-76 in Typo 6)
77. Daniil Kharms (tr. M. Yankelevich), from "The Blue Notebook"
78. Dara Wier, "Blue Oxen"
79. Louis Armand, "Ostinato"
80. Standard Schaefer, "My Stint in the ACLU"
81. Jennifer L. Knox, "So Sweet Our Teeth Ache"
82. Shafer Hall, "How to Survive on Land & Sea"
83. Bob Hicok, "O Canada"
84. Jennifer Moxley, "The Sadness of Old Mammals"
85. Shane McCrae, "Two Tribes"
86. Dobby Gibson, "Gone Before" (77-86 from Octopus 5)
87. Loren Goodman, "Traveling Through the Dark (2005)"
88. Billy Collins, "Traveling Alone"
89. Richard Wilbur, "Some Words Inside of Words"
90. Bob Hicok, "Middle age"
91. David Kirby, "Dogs Who Are Poets and Movie Stars" (87-91 from Poetry July/August)
92. Spencer Reese, "Tonight"
93. Chelsea Minnis, "Fuckoffish"
94. Chris Murray, "Night Walk"
95. Catherine Turner, "The He in She"
96. James Meetze, "Your Swan in the A.M." (92-96 in Lit 10)
97. Catherine Daly, "Spout" (in No Tell Motel)
98. Catherine Daly, "Scarlet" (in No Tell Motel)
99. Dan Pinkerton, "Interstate" (in No Tell Motel)
100. Dan Pinkerton, "Nocturne" (in No Tell Motel)
101. Matthew Shindell, "Order of Harpoons :: Digitalia :: Dobre Vecher" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (in No Tell Motel)
102. Andrew Mister, "Trapdoor Fucking Exit, Part 4" (in No Tell Motel)
103. Elizabeth Bradfield, "On Expertise" (in No Tell Motel)
104. Jasper Bernes, "Not This Mouth" (in No Tell Motel)
105. Aaron Belz, "Five Beginnings of Jokes" (in No Tell Motel)
106. Corey Mesler, "Return Key" (in No Tell Motel)
107. Rebecca Loudon, "Little Red Cap" (in No Tell Motel)
108. Kim Roberts, "Light" (in No tell Motel)
109. Shirley Stephenson, "Reception" (in No Tell Motel)
110. Shirley Stephenson, "The Legend of Quintana Roo" (in No Tell Motel)
111. Katy Lederer, "A Nietzschean Revival"
112. Forrest Gander, "Present Tense" (111-112 in Crowd 5/6)
113. Dana Ward, "The Rainbow"
114. Dana Ward, "Sleep"
115. Dana Ward, "Because I Fear the Praise of My Enemies"
116. Ilya Bernstein, Untitled sequence beginning "1. Diana" (113-116 in 6x6 10)
117. J.T. Barbarese, "Spring" (from Poetry Daily)
118. Henry Taylor, "Vision at Wood's Edge"** (from Poetry Daily)
119. Mary Leader, "Husbandry" (from Poetry Daily)
120. Fanny Howe, "The Long Wrong" (from Poetry Daily)
121. Emmanuel Moses, tr. Marilyn Hacker, "Year of the Dragon" XXXV (from Poetry Daily)
122. Eric Pankey, "Breathing Space" (from Poetry Daily)
123. John Ashbery, "Interesting People of Newfoundland"** (from Poetry Daily)
124. Alice Notley, "A Rare Card"
125. Alex Lemon, "Flourishing"
126. Laurel Snyder, "It's only natural"
127. Bruce Covey, "Print, Press"
128. Amy King, "I'm the man who loves you"
129. Lisa Lubasch, "[winter enters fretfully]"
130. Amy Gerstler, "Handwriting Exersize" (124-130 in Coconut)
131. Fanny Howe, "Tonight Or Never"
132. Rachel Zucker, "What Dark Thing"
133. Suzanne Buffam, "Anaktoria"
134. Aaron Tieger, "Friday"
135. Jess Mynes, "No Fly Zone"
136. Susan M. Schultz, "Mother"
137. Danielle Pafunda, "They Were Piss Drunk at the Matinee"
138. Dale Smith, "The Birds at My Window"
139. Christopher Nealon, "Headless"
140. G.C. Waldrep, "Structure to Keep the Ball Off the Ground"
141. Ish Klein, "In Memory of the Man" (131-141 in The Canary 4)
142. Richard Meier, "The Day Before Yesterday"
143. Richard Meier, "Wives and Daughters"
144. Martine Bellen, "Trailer of Moonbird Who Lives in the Moving Castle"
145. Lara Glenum, "Wunderkammer"
146. Lara Glenum, "Czarina of the Super-Saccharine"
147. Elizabeth Willis, "Viewless Floods of Heat"
148. Elizabeth Willis, "A Description of the Poison Tree"
149. Rae Armantrout, "Shine On"
150. Rae Armantrout, "Reversible" (142-150 from Conjunctions 44)
151. Dean Young, "Space Is Not Inconsistent Increment nor Continuous" (in Fugue 29)
152. Dean Young, "Condo Rat Lab" (in Fugue 29)
153. Chris Robson, "the charity of a beginning" (in & 1)
154. Tony Towle, "Ethnicity"
155. Tony Towle, "Gemini"
156. Henry Parland (tr. Johannes Goransson), "Untitled"
157. Gary Lenhart, "A Note on Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams"
158. Gary Lenhart, "Garbage and Gravy"**
159. Gary Lenhart, "The Rosary"
160. Vicki Hudspith, "Cookie Jar"
161. Mark Pawlak, "Elephants Find Love" (154-161 in Hanging Loose 86)
162. Alex Lemon, "Ashtray"
163. Mark Stevick, "Burnt Bus" (162-3 in Swink 2)
164. Tom Leonard, "The Fair Cop" (in London Review of Books Vol 27 No 13 - 7 July)
165. Paul Hoover, "The Stone"
166. Eden Osucha, "For Dull Sublunary Lovers"
167. Rachel Loden, "Murder at the Arts Council"
168. K. Silem Mohammad, "Dr. Smith, Rat Caretaker (Surf-Mex Sapphics)"
169. Amy King, "Autobiographical Encounter"
170. John Beer, "Bob Hope Is Not a Plan"
171. Dale Smith, "Homage to Poets"
172. Lisa Jarnot, "Additional Ode"
173. Carl Martin, "Coward's Bible or (After the Séance)"
174. Carl Martin, "Custodian of the Dark"
175. Katia Kapovich, "Hero"
176. Karl Parker, "Horn O'Plenty, or a Poem in Sticky Notes"
177. Brian Kim Stefans, "Heat Death"
178. Brian Kim Stefans, "Exile in Irony"
179. Joshua Corey, "Son"
180. Daniel Borzuztky, "The Man in Question"
181. Lara Glenum, "Bambi"
182. Allyson Salazar, "Custody"
183. Reb Livingston, "That's Not Butter"
184. Jasper Bernes, "The Frequency of the Y-Sound"
185. Denise Duhamel, "The Last Poem I'll Ever Write About You"
186. Ron Silliman, from "Zyxt"
187. Christian Bok, from "Virtual Realities"
188. Joanne Kyger, "The Insurgents"
189. Joanne Kyger, "Night Palace"
190. Rae Armantrout, "A Resemblance" (165-190 from MiPoesias Vol 19 Iss 3)
191. Christopher Janke, "god and body psalm"
192. Robert Desnos, tr. William Kulik, [untitled] "Chicago / The els sound like donut batter"
193. Katy Lederer, "Intimacy"
194. Lucia Perillo, "Found Object" (191-194 from American Poetry Review 34:2)
195. Blake Walmsley, "Confessional Poem Composed Under Torture" (in No Tell Motel)
196. Jim Daniels, "Charlie Holmes Blew Up the Chem Lab"
197. Young Smith, "What It Made Him Think of Was the Sea"
198. G.C. Waldrep, "Who Was Scheherazade"
199. David Dodd Lee, "Without Beginning"
200. Justin Courter, "Before It Was a Business"
201. Lara Glenum, "In the Gynecological Museum"
202. Victoria Chang, "Man in the White Truck" (196-202 from Pleiades 25:2)
203. Clayton Eshleman, "From aTerrace"
204. George Albon, "Realistic Battery"
205. Andrew Joron, "Home Unknown Stone"
206. Noelle Kocot, "After His Woman Is Killed, Conan the Barbarian..."**
207. Noelle Kocot, "Without"
208. Noelle Kocot, "For Damon"
209. Connie Deanovich, "Though We Wanted It to Stay"
210. Connie Deanovich, "Autumnal Equinox"
211. Linh Dinh, "A Super Clean Country"
212. Joseph Lease, "Try"
213. Jason Camlot, "Daddy Lazarus"
214. Sina Queyras, "Later"
215. Sina Queyras, "Meditation on a Swallow and One Peony"
216. Sina Queyras, "The Meat Painter"
217. John Stiles, "Record of a Tractor"
218. Bill Kennedy & Darren Wershler-Henry, "(thrown out for lack of evidence)"
219. Bill Kennedy & Darren Wershler-Henry, "(driving a gas-guzzling 71 impala)"
220. Aaron Shurin, "Avatar"
221. Philip Metres, "Questions for Sergey Gandlevsky"
222. Nguyen Do, "A Symphony of Friendship"
223. Nguyen Do, "The Unlucky Days"
224. Nguyen Do, "Mission"
225. Nhat Le, "Myself"
226. Nguyen Quang Thieu, "The Spirits of Cows"
227. Carl Martin, "We Are in Linguistic Accord"
228. Lara Glenum, "The Eggs of My Amnesia"
229. Lara Glenum, "The Hairiest Room of All"
230. Chad Sweeney, "A Stairway Down"
231. Novica Tadic, tr. Steven & Maja Teref, "Smithereens" (203-231 from New American Writing 23)
232. Anthony Robinson, "For the Tortila School"
233. Stacy Szymaszek, "horn and space"
234. Guillermo Juan Parra, "Caracas Notebook [7]"
235. Cheryl Clark, "Swore I wore a hook then"
236. Cheryl Clark, "Nearest Distance"
237. Cheryl Clark, "Boston" (233-237 from Carve 5)
238. Jim Behrle, "Come in Costume"
239. Hoa Nguyen, "Make Herbal Vinegars"
240. Hoa Nguyen, "Going Home Early"
241. Hoa Nguyen, "[The Goddess Gave Me Roses]"
242. Hoa Nguyen, "I'm Sorry For You Sad Marigolds"
243. Farid Matuk, "Immigrants"
244. Alli Warren, "On the Sources of Fibers"
245. Alli Warren, "Other Examples of Non-Effectiveness"
246. Joe Massey, "Alley" (238-246 from Effing 3)
247. C.D. Wright, "The Same Water Everywhere"
248. Connie Deanovich, "Saved by America"
249. Elizabeth Treadwell, "The Whistle Trees"
250. Pat Nolan, "Probability Wave"
251. Maureen Owen, "Last Year or 'backwards to its source'"
252. Jonathan Williams, "A Centennial Poem: 12 May 2003"
253. Elaine Equi, "From Lorine"
254. Peter Campion, "Old Haunts"
255. Susan Wheeler, "Letter to Lorine" (247-255 from the Lorine Niedecker tribute in Court Green 2)
256. Elizabeth Arnold, "Out of Stobaeus, Anthology 4.46.10..."
257. Elaine Equi, "Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life"
258. Daisy Fried, "The Drunkard's Bar"
259. Major Jackson, from "Urban Renewal, xvii"
260. Louise Bogan, "Letter to Mrs. Q's Sister" (256-260 from Triquarterly 120)
261. Nicole Hefner, "To Cigarettes" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
262. Max Winter, "The Dead Bandit Speaks, Albeit Everything" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
263. Reamy Jansen, "How I Became a Sensitive Soul"** (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
264. Jen Hyde, "Look Closer and You'll See Every Setae..." (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
265. Matthew Shindell, "The Brain Full of Bourbon" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
266. Matthew Thorburn, "Early Epic"
267. Jim Cory, "advance radar warning system" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
268. Reb Livingston, "The Skirmish" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
269. Heather Christle, "Frontier Update" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
270. Joanna Fuhrman, "Mellow Pad Moraine" (in Unpleasant Event Schedule)
271. Chris Nealon, "(roundtable)"
272. Carol Mirakove, "this is a marathon: day"
273. Dana Ward, "Industrial Light & Magic"
274. Dana Ward, "To My Neighbors"
275. Dana Ward, "Someplace Better Than This Place"
276. caconrad, "Torn Ligament Chorephilia for Marwan
277. caconrad, "'Poetry IS independent media!'--Frank Sherlock"
278. K. Lorraine Graham, from "In a Supralunar World"
279. Kevin Fitzgerald, "Lumière"**
280/281. Michael Magee, from "My Angie Dickinson": 21, 43
282. Francis Raven, "Artifice Progress"
283. Frank Sherlock, "fifth walk" (271-283 in Dusie 1)
284. Yusef Komunyakaa, "Daybreak"
285. Giacomo Leopardi, tr. Jonathan Galassi, "The Recollections"
286. Ron Slate, "One Firefly"
287. John Skoyles, "No Name for It"
288. Lawrence Joseph, "The Game Changed"** (284-288 from Triquarterly 121)
289. Linda Russo, from "Remedies of Love (After Ovid)"
290. Kristy Odelius, "'It's Curtains, Ars Poetica'"
291. Kristy Odelius, "Dress-Up"
292. Rachel Blau DuPlessis "Draft 61:Pyx"
293. Piotr Sommer, tr. Halina Janod, Mark Slobin, W. Martin, "Morning on Earth"
294. Taj Jackson, "Flower Budget"
295. James Capozzi, "The Eureka Stockade"
296. Rae Armantrout, "In Part"
297. Rae Armantrout, "Line"
298. Rae Armantrout, "Twizzle" (289-298 from Chicago Review 50:2/3/4)
299. Tim Yu, "Duino Elegies: The First Elegy"
300. Stephanie Young, "Some Fragments"
301. Ron Padgett, "Medical Crush"
302. Michael Magee, "This Is No Book: Who Touches This Touches My Ass"
303. Michael Farrell, "shoop shoop"
304. Kit Robinson, "All Hallow's Eve"
305. Kevin Killian, "An Audience with Kylie Minogue"
306. Katina Douveas, "how to get from ken's to katina's (for ken)"
307. Jonathan Hayes, "in a coffin"
308. Jim Behrle, "This Is Also Your Return Envelope"
309. Jack Kimball, "Creep"
310. Harvey Goldner, "A Wild Rose Romance"
311. Eric Raanan Fischman, "Dripping from the Clouds Like Honey"
312. Elaine Equi, "My Dad"
313. Elaine Equi, "Plaid"
314. Dan Beachy-Quick, "Twittering Machine"
315. Cynthia Sailers, "YOU ARE HERE"**
316. Cynthia Sailers, "A Dictionary of Geography"
317. Clark Coolidge, "Playing the Combinations"
318. Alli Warren, "Shangri Law" (299-318 from Shampoo 24)
319. Peter Culley, "Though my infantilised cat/confirms my existence..."
320. Alice Notley, "Oath"**
321. Elizabeth Willis, "Immortal Sire"
322. Elizabeth Willis, "Solar Volcanos"
323. Sarah Mangold, "How Is Your Family"
324. John Wilkinson, "Multistorey"
325. Kevin Connolly, "So Familiar"
326. Keston Sutherland, "The Credit Shot"
327. J.S.A. Lowe, "House of Polar Hysteria" (320-327 from Chicago Review 51:1/2)
328. Lisa Isaacson, "Viable Pack (The Collar)"**
329. Tom Thompson, "Leather Goods"
330. Liz Waldner, "Epiphenomenon" (328-330 from Colorado Review XXXII:1)
331. Denise Duhamel, "Perm"
332. Sally Van Doren, "Impatient"
333. Sarah Manguso, "Spectacular Pyrotechnics"**
334. Katy Lederer, "We Do Love Him"
335. Sawako Nakayasu, "9.19.2003"
336. A. Josephine Weaver, "Iris"
337. Amanda Lea Johnson, "[Ruby becomes hibiscus]"
338. Julie Carr, "Iliadic Familias (with insertions from Homer)"
339. Juliana Spahr, from "Unevenness"** (331-339 from Columbia Poetry Review 18)
340. Priscilla Atkins, "Who Would Know"
341. Jenny Browne, "Noon"
342. Michael Casey, "Skypig"
343. Carrie Fountain, "What the Birthday Greetings You Never Received Have Become"
344. Alex Grant, "The Long, Slow Drop"
345. Alex Grant, "Sonnet for the Terracotta Warriors"
346. Hoa Nguyen, "'Bodhisattva in Bear World': Bear Sticks Out Tongue"
347. Katherine Soniat, "Camaraderie"
348, 349, 350. Eleanor Stanford, "The Book of Sleep" X, XI, XV
351. D.E. Steward, "Chronos"
352. Dale Smith, "Impersonal"
353. Dale Smith, "Colima"
354. Dale Smith, "After Reading Parkman's La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West"
355. Dale Smith, "Wild Chickens"
356. Dale Smith, "I Would Like to Hear You" (340-356 from Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review 24)
357. Terrance Hayes, "The Blue Terrance"
358. Jonah Winter, "Prosody West of the Pecos"
359. Amy Holman, "Busted Pipe"
360. Mary Donnelly, "Filthy" (357-360 from Failbetter 17)
361. Jesse Glass, "The Passion of Phineas Gage"**
362. John Taggart, "Grey Scale / Zukofsky"
363. Hank Lazer, "War" (361-3 in Golden Handcuffs Review 1:5)
364. Erica Bernheim, "Darwin Light"
365. Michael Farrell, "SEMANTIC CITY"
366. Jorie Graham, "Praying [Attempt of Feb 6 '04]"
367. Matthea Harvey, "Set Your Sights"
368. Matthea Harvey, "Other (Be Specific)"
369. Paul Hoover, from "At the Sound"
370. Sabrina Orah Mark, "Box Three, Spool Five"
371. Gregory Pardlo, "Title It Shotgun Wound"
372. 'Annah Sobelman, "In the Bee Latitudes 2"
373. James Tate, "Voyage to an Outlying Island"
374. Dara Wier, "the bison range" (363-374 from Volt 11)
375. Lance Larsen, "The Apprentice"
376. Scott Odom, "Resting Simply Without Altering It"
377. Jenn Habel, "Thoreau Entered His Cabin Fifty Years Before Freud..."**
378. Stacie Cassarino, "Brooklyn Morning"
379. Kevin Clark, "6 Miles Up"
380. Floyd Skloot, "Scrapbook"
381. Mark Halliday, "Rink"
382. Dara Wier, "Attitude of Rags" (374-82 from Gulf Coast 17:2)
383. Betsy Sholl, "A Little Traveling Music"
384. Michael Blumenthal, "Virtue"
385. Martha Zweig, "Welcome to Senegal"
386. Cynie Cory, "What Was It You Wanted?"
387. Melora Wolff, "Mad River"
388. Chad Davidson, "Golden-Clad Something Nice"
389. Hadara Bar-Nadav, "Le Corbusier"
390. Jason Koo, "Driving Home, I See a Rothko Painting..."
391. James Haug, "Legend of the Recent Past"
392. Michael Meyerhofer, "Leaving Iowa"
393. Elizabeth Tibbetts, "Two Slugs"
394. Gregory Mahrer, "Blackout"
395. Kyle Thompson, "Turning Point"
396. Fred Yannantuono, "Buck's Harbor"
397. Scott Withiam, "It Would Take a While" (383-397 in Green Mountains Review 18:1)
398. Liz Rosenberg, "The Last Time"
399. Kazuko Shiraishi, tr. Samuel Grolmes and Yumiko Tsumura, "Travel Is a Dream..."
400. Nikolai Zabolotsky, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky, "Prologue"
401. Nikolai Zabolotsky, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky, "The Dawn of Science"
402. Anatoly Naiman, tr. F.D. Reeve, "June Twelfth" (398-402 in American Poetry Review 34:4)
403. Beth Ann Fennelly, "Eleven Questions"
404. Peter Huggins, "Sleigh Bed" (403-4 in Mississippi Review 33:1/2)
405. Frannie Lindsay, "Curse"
406. Oscar Hahn, tr. James Hoggard, "The Insects' Wisdom" (405-6 in Harvard Review 28)
407. Marie-Claire Blais, tr. Steve Moyer, "James"
408. Moira Egan, "Girl Talk"
409. Gary Every, "Apache Woman"
410. C.M. Mayo, "UFO 1990"
411. Richard McCann, "Nights of 1987"
412. Eileen Myles, "Culture"
413. Naomi Shihab Nye, "Pimento"
414. Naomi Shihab Nye, "Poor Pitiful Me Award"
415. Elizabeth Rees, "Upsetting the Basket"
416. Rusty Russell, "Before and after Bloomington"
417. David Trinidad, "Penelope" (407-417 in Gargoyle 50)
418. Matthew Shenoda, "Standing on the Corner" (in Somewhere Else)
419. Michael Palmer, "Homage"
420. Michael Palmer, "Crease"
421. Michael Palmer, "This"
422. Michael Palmer, "Letter to a Vagrant"
423. Michael Palmer, "The Phantom of Liberty"
424. Michael Palmer, "Untitled (October 2002)" (419-424 in Company of Moths)
425. Adonis, tr. Marilyn Hacker (tr. Venus Khoury-Ghata), "Travel Guide to the Forest of Meaning"
426. Paul Beatty, seven haiku
427. David Cameron, "I Thought You Said You Were from Brooklyn"
428. David Cope, "Last of My Singing Fathers"
429. Nei Duclos, tr. Flavia Rocha & Idra Novey, "Crossing Lesson"
430. Gladys Gonzalez, tr. Caroline Strelitz, "Paper Boats"
431. Gladys Gonzalez, tr. Caroline Strelitz, "The Prettiest Girl"
432. Gladys Gonzalez, tr. Caroline Strelitz, "This Spring"
433. Joe Green, "Luftmensch"
434. Tomas Harris, tr. Daniel Shapiro, "Algiers"
435. Eliot Katz, "Letter to Allen from North America's Skull, July 2001"
436. Aaron Kiely, "Poem (hostage of love)"
437. Tsaurah Litzky, "My Father"
438. Sheila Maldonado, "Bubbles of Love"
439. Sheila Maldonado, "Strung Out on Phonics"
440. John Minczeski, "Japanese Tree Lilac"**
441. Gonzalo Millan, tr. Annegret Nill, "Domestic Apocalypse"**
442. Carol Mirakove, "Glitter Galore"
443. Rick Moody, "Operations Chirurgicae"
444. Anna Ross, "Southern Cross"
445. Nikolai Oleinikov, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky, "In Service of Science"**
446. Nikolai Oleinikov, tr. Eugene Ostashevsky, "Gluttony, a Ballad"
447. Bernat Kruger, from "She Dreams of Killing Black Children"
448. Kgafela oa Magogodi, "To Be Like So & So"
449. Mzi Mahola, "Water in a Sieve"
450. Kelwyn Sole, "Meditations in a Dessicating Landscape"
451. Christopher Stackhouse, "Fabrication"
452. Andrew Varnon, "Errands"
453. Micheliny Verunschk, tr. Flavia Rocha & Idra Novey, "Short Story" (425-453 in Rattapallax 12)
454. David Lehman, "Salutation"
455. Carl Phillips, "Detachment"
456. Carl Phillips, "Sterling"
457. Peter Viereck, "My 88th Year"
458. David Shapiro, "Don Quixote Reading"**
459. Rodger Kamenetz, "After Hearing Bloch on the Upper Upper West Side"
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*exclusive of course of the work Chris Edgar and I published in The Hat 6.
**to remind me to put these poems in a poetry mixtape chapbook something


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