Thursday, December 09, 2004

BOOKS 2005*

1.** Ted Berrigan, Collected Poems (California)
1. Alice Notley, Coming After (Michigan)

11. Drew Gardner, Petroleum Hat (Roof)
11. Ange Mlinko,Starred Wire (Coffee House)
11. Jeni Olin, Blue Collar Holiday (Hanging Loose)

110. Linh Dinh, American Tatts (Chax)
110. Sina Queyras, Life, Still and Otherwise (Greenboathouse)
110. Ted Mathys, Forge (Coffee House)
110. Franklin Bruno, Armed Forces (33 1/3 / Continuum)
110. Susan Wheeler, Ledger (Iowa)

1011. Blas Manuel de Luna, Bent to the Earth (Carnegie Mellon)
1011. Kimberly Lyons, Saline (Instance)
1011. Jerome Sala, Look Slimmer Instantly (Soft Skull)
1011. Sandra Miller, Oriflamme (Ahsahta)
1011. Maggie Nelson, Jane (a murder) (Soft Skull)
1011. Merrill Gilfillan, Selected Poems 1965-2000 (AIP)

10001. Halldor Laxness, Under the Glacier (Vintage)
10001. Rob Fitterman, 1 800 Flowers (Porco con ali)
10001. Alli Warren, Hounds (privately printed)
10001. Juliana Spahr, this connection of everyone with lungs (California)
10001. Taylor Mead, A Simple Country Girl (Bowery Poetry / YBK)
10001. Stephen Paul Miller, Skinny Eighth Avenue (Marsh Hawk)
10001. Jeff Chang, Can't Stop Won't Stop (St Martin's)
10001. Michael Casey, Permanent Party (March Street)
10001. Merrill Gilfillan, Small Weathers (Qua)
10001. Michael Dirda, Bound to Please (WW Norton)
10001. Carla Harryman, Baby, (Adventures in Poetry)
10001. Margot Schilpp, Laws of My Nature (Carnegie Mellon)

11101. Bernadette Mayer, Scarlet Tanager (New Directions)
11101. Stan Apps, Soft Hands (Ugly Duckling)
11101. Gillian Conoley, Profane Halo (Verse)
11101. Dean Young, Elegy on Toy Piano (Pittsburgh)
11101. Dara Wier, Reverse Rapture (Verse)
11101. Steve Benson, Open Clothes (Atelos)
11101. Elton Glaser, Here and Hereafter (Arkansas)
11101. Dan Bouchard, Some Mountains Removed (Subpress)
11101. Aaron Belz, Plausible Worlds (Observable)

100110. Tessa Rumsey, The Return Message (WW Norton)
100110. Merrill Gilfillan, Undanceable (Flood)
100110. Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Maverick Room (Graywolf)
100110. Trane Devore, Dust Habit (avec)
100110. Renee Gladman, A Picture-Feeling (Roof)
100110. Brent Cunningham, Bird & Forest (Ugly Duckling)

*excluding three Kenneth Koch titles I helped edit -- Collected Poems,
Collected Fiction, Some South American Poets -- as well as the
Faux Press 2005 titles, Faux being the publisher both of Some South American
and my forthcoming The Moon Is Moving
**clinched tie for first in 1967

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