Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The most recent Crazyhorse has a wildly high rereadability ratio: 20 out of 36 were keepers. Four poets got me twice, the least surprising to me being John Ashbery, who is currently enjoying another Prince-like return to form:
And what if
a lot of them come back and decide to settle down
with their parents, enraptured with home cooking
all of a sudden? Will they make the cut?
And what's out there for us on another
putative fine day? Oversubtlety? Our own quodlibets?

(from "Casuistry")
Over on the who-he side of the spectrum is Adam Fell, late of Wisconsin and currently passing through the mysterious Writers Apostrophe Workshop in mysterious Iowa City, Iowa. It took me about ten reads to clarify for myself whether his "At Acadia National Park, the Morning of Peter Jennings' Death" stayed on the fair side of the foul pole:
The tide is out;
the intake nurse is made
of tiny water droplets.
She clings to the sun, clouds it
with white blouse, gauze,
lightly powdered latex gloves.
By the time I reach the sea wall
she has lifted, leaving two unlit X-rays
on the windshield of a Toyota Corolla.
The sun is sitting on paper.
I wonder if he'll keep writing this way. Hope so, at least for a while.

I'm still reading journals from 2006, not that it matters a whit to anyone but me.

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