Friday, December 23, 2005

POEMS 2006

1. Meghan O'Rourke, "Spectacular"**
2. Patricia Storace, "Pagan Litany"** (1 and 2 in NYRB 53:1)
3. Albert Goldbarth, "Whale and Bee"
4. Albert Goldbarth, "Voyage"
5. Beth Bachmann, "Gene Mapping"
6. Beth Bachmann, "Working at the Genetic Testing Center"
7. Bruce Beasley, "Genomic Vanitas & Memento Vivi - (Vanitas)"
8. Bruce Beasley, "Genomic Vanitas & Memento Vivi - (Like Begets Unlike)"
9. Bruce Beasley, "Genomic Vanitas & Memento Vivi - (Reading about Retrotransposons...)"
10. Leslie Adrienne Miller, "Aim"
11. Leslie Adrienne Miller, "Wandering Uterus"
12. Linda Pastan, "Alphabet Song"
13. Judith Strasser, "Memories Are Made of This"
14. John Koethe, "The Unlasting" (3-14 in Kenyon Review 28:1)
15. David Lehman, "Poem in the Manner of Jorge Luis Borges"
16. Chris Forhan, "Prayer Before Sleep"
17. Alan Williamson, "Greece in '68" (15-17 in Antioch Review 64:1)
18. Lisa Williams, "On Not Using the Word 'Cunt' in a Poem"
19. Marilyn Hacker, "Ghazal: Waiting"** (18-9 in Virginia Quarterly Review 82:1)
20. George Stanley, "Common Areas"**
21. George Stanley, "America"
22. Cameron K. Gearen, "[sketch]"
23. Scott Bentley, "Clip"
24. Elena Rivera, "Ars Poetica"
25. Ben Lerner, "Begetting Stadia"
26. Alice Notley, "Avendia Revolucion"
27. Alice Notley, "Remix"
28. Elizabeth Marie Young, "It Feels Good to be So Modern..."
29. Elizabeth Marie Young, "Now I Shall Teach You All the Measures..."
30. Ange Mlinko, "A Secret Ascetic"
31. Ange Mlinko, "Ghost Writer"
32. Ange Mlinko, "So the Rascal Has Two Houses!"**
33. Kit Robinson, "A Line of Text"
34. Mark Lamoureux, "I Like to See It" (20-34 in The Poker 7)
35. Ada Limon, "A Little Distantly, As One Should"** (in Lucky Wreck)
36. Sonia Raiziss, "By Chance"
37. Noel Connelly, "Scatter"
38. Farrah Field, "Malvern, Arkansas"
39. Farrah Field, "Fallout"
40. Stuart Greenhouse, "Cowrie Apostrophe"**
41. Patrick Hicks, "Family Pictures"
42. Timothy Houghton, "Birthday Party"
43. Timothy Houghton, "Mother Cartoon"
44. Dante, tr. Burton Raffel, "Canto One"
45. Victor Rodriguez Nunez, tr. Katherine M. Hedeen, "Countersign" (36-45 in Chelsea 79)
46. Mike White, "Tentacled Motherfucker"
47. Donna Stonecipher, "The Tiptoe Botanist's Findings"
48. Donna Stonecipher, "I-Am-Tatjana Explains"
49. Scott Odom, "Bone Dance"
50. Kevin Honold, "Desert"
51. Kevin Honold, "The Groves of Baal"
52. Laura Kasischke, "Miss Weariness" (46-52 in Pleiades 26:1)
53. Peter Markus, "We Make Mud"
54. Kathleen Rooney, "Horror Vacui"
55. Christopher Mabelitini, "Note from the Slush"
56. Viola Misun Lee, "Homicide"
57. Ginger Walker, "Zebra Finches"
58. Paula Koneazny, "Imaginary Marriage"
59. F. Daniel Rzicznek, "Tickets for a Fire"
60. Megan Kruse, "The Last Time" (53-60 in Phoebe 35:1)
61. Dana Ward, "A Young Chandelier"**
62. Dana Ward, "'the bell of my health & good spirit is ringing'"
63 and 64. Clayton A. Couch, 13 and 14 from "Sentience"
65. Heather Brinkman, "Richie in his blue jeans..."
66. Heather Brinkman, "in boxwood and dimes..."
67. Heather Brinkman, "where Serenata's evening song..."
68. Rodrigo Toscano, "Religion is a Personal Matter"
69. Rodrigo Toscano, "Vibes"
70. Valzhyna Mort, "if you want to enter this flat..."
71. Matt Turner, "To Brasilia!"
72. Kristen Prevallet, "Amateur Chaos"
73. Anne Boyer, "A Twilight of Minor Poets"
74. Anne Boyer, "Three Ringed"
75. Anne Boyer, "Distaff" (61-75 in Wherever We Put Our Hats 3)
76. Geraldine Kim, "Donning Cheadle"
77. Ben Lerner, "Quia Pauper Amavi"
78. Rodney Koeneke, "Billet-don't" (76-8 in Fourteen Hills 12:1)
79. Noelle Kocot, "Lithium"** (in Poem for the End of Time)
80. Jennifer Moxley, "The Local"
81. Jennifer Moxley, "The Railing"
82. Alan Gilbert, from "Pretty Words Made a Fool Out of Me"
83. Brenda Shaughnessy, "One Love Story, Eight Takes"
84. Alice Notley, "Perhaps Not for You"
85. Alice Notley, "Logic"
86. Samuel Amadon, "Consequences"
87. Joshua Clover, "Parable Lestrange"
88. Joshua Clover, "Antwerp Rainy All Churches Still Haunted"
89. Raymond McDaniel, "Science-Horror of the Black Seminoles"
90. Raymond McDaniel, "X Y Z"
91. Dara Wier, "Gradual of the Temporale..."
92. Andrew Mister, from "Liner Notes"
93. Anne Boyer, "Cunuculi"
94. Michael Morse, "Void and Compensation (Assisted Living)"**
95. Michael Morse, "Void and Compensation (Prosopopeia)"
96. William Fuller, "Eastern Slope"
97. William Fuller, "Eating Grass"
98. Vincent Katz, "Nuts"
99. Arda Collins, "Poem"
100. Arda Collins, "Over No Hills"
101. and 102. Joseph Donahue, from "Terra Lucida"
103. Gillian Conoley, "Brad and Angelina"
104. Gillian Conoley, "Frankenstein"
105. Jasper Bernes, "The Beauty Process"
106. Jasper Bernes, "Sincere Regrets"
107. Sandra Simonds, "One Billion and One, My New Favorite Number"
108. Rebecca Lehman, "When We Fucked"
109. Matthea Harvey, "Estamos En Vivo, No Hay Alternativo"
110. Robert Fernandez, "Study for a Pope II (After Bacon)"
111. Ed Go, "Asianamerican Halfbreed Trilogy"
112. Gina Myers, "9.25.04"
113. Greta Wrolstad, "Flickers of Light Become the Movement of Thousands" (80-113 in The Canary 5)
114. Jessica Goodfellow, "What You See If You Use Water as a Mirror"
115. Susan Tichy, "Implicature" (114-5 in Beloit Poetry Journal 56:3)
116. Joan Biddle, "Underwater"
117. Angela Lea Nemecek, "34 Counterpoints and a Desperation" (116-7 in Small.Spiral.Notebook 3:1)
118. Lucia Perillo, "Not Winter"
119. Lawrence Joseph, "Unyieldingly Present"
120. Lawrence Joseph, "In a Mood"
121. David Kirby, "Seventeen Ways from Tuesday"
122. Randall Mann, "Poetry"
123. Les Murray, "Lateral Dimensions" (118-23 in Subtropics 1)
124. Elizabeth Bishop, "'One Afternoon My Aunt and I...'" (New Yorker, 1/23-30)
125. Sally Ball, "Proofs"
126. Sally Ball, "Annus Mirabilis"
127. Kate Greenstreet, "Little Oak"
128. Tony Hoagland, "Greed"
129. Susan Hutton, "Kyrgyzstan"
130. Chris Kingsley, "Disney's Poetry!"
131. Julie Larios, "Also"
132. Idra Novey, "Aubade"
133. Ed Ochester, "Voltaire at Cirey, 1736"**
134. Ed Ochester, "Rewinding the Cassette of Fear City"
135. Matthew Rohrer, from "A Plate of Chicken"
136. Mary Ann Samyn, "Draw some people inside the shape."
137. Mary Ann Samyn, "This is a forest. Draw the animals hiding among the trees."
138. Alex Silberman, "Harry's Hope"
139. Rick Snyder, "How Are You Doing?"
140. Jonathan Thirkield, "Your Journey (4:111)"
141. Matthew Thorburn, "Hokkaido Photo"
142. Angela Vogel, "Decency" (125-142 in Barrow Street Winter 2005/06)
143. Sue Ellen Thompson, "The Golden Hour"
144. Cynthia Cruz, "Praying"
145. Amy Haddad, "The Day after Memorial Day"
146. Kathy Davis, "Sunday"
147. Madeleine Mysko, "Miss Erma, Private Duty"
148. Colleen Reader, "Invisible"
149. David Shine, "Revelations" (143-9 in Bellevue Literary Review 6:1)
150. Ed Botts, "Grass on a Postcard"
151. Mil Norman-Risch, "Turnip
152. Jason Schossler, "Matinee"
153. Zoe Ryder White, "A Length of Africa" (150-3 in Willow Springs 57)
154. James Allen Hall, "The End of Myth"
155. Marcela Sulak, "Not a Ghazal #3"
156. Thomas Lux, "The Ambulatory Paranoid"
157. Rob Cook, "The Sniper's Apartment"
158. Linda Cooper, "Refuge"
159. Matt Miller, "Hierarchy of Paradise"
160. Mike Dockins, "Letter to Johnston from Carlisle"
161. Susan Hutton, "Against Our Nature"
162. Susan Hutton, "Wujakari, Yartijumurra, Arawunga, Tokwampari"
163. Susan Hutton, "First Glance"
164. Mark Jarman, "The Comet"
165. Ales Debeljak, tr. Andrew Zawacki, "Christmas in America" (154-65 in Third Coast Spring 06)
166. Katherine Larson, "Low Tide Evening"
167. David Gewanter, "Hamlet of Merano: The Lotus Eaters"
168. Kelle Groom, "Ode to My Toyota"
169. Donald Hall, "North South"
170. Michael McGriff, "Mercy, Tear It Down"
171. Thylias Moss, "The Continent of Reena and Marcus' Marriage"
172. Bob Hicok, "Toward Accuracy"
173. Major Jackson, "Letter to Brooks" (166-73 in Poetry March 06)
174. R.S. Gwynn, "For M.D."
175. Alex Williams, "Distance"
176. Clay Matthews, "Invitation to My Old, Dead Friend"
177. Allen C. Fisher, "Casting a Spell"
178. Susan Kay Anderson, "Before They Had Kids"
179. Lucille Lang Day, "Has Anyone Ever Translated Red into a String Quartet in G?"
180. Mary Biddinger, "Snakeskin"**
181. Scott M. Bade, "Girl with a Cream La La"
182. Jeannine Hall Gailey, "Femme Fatale"
183. Jeannine Hall Gailey, "Job Requirements: A Supervillain's Advice"
184. Jenn Habel, "Letter to Her Husband, Absent in Pursuit of Employment"
185. Jeffery Bahr, "Diaspora"
186. Jeffery Bahr, "Pearl Street"
187. Brandi Homan, "The Valentine Factory"
188. Tony Trigilio, "Smuggled Video"
189. Marta Ferguson, "Mustang Sally Considers the Occult..."
190. Hillary Gravendyk Burrill, "Gill-Netting"
191. Steve Mueske, "The Press of Small Hours" (174-91 in The Eleventh Muse 2006)
192. Jonathan David Jackson, "Chicago, 1999"
193. Jonathan David Jackson, "John Singleton Copley's Favorite"
194. Miranda F. Mellis, "The Old Piano Trap"
195. Monica de la Torre, from "The Trouble with Death"
196. Robert Fitterman, from "Myopera: a libretto"
197. Joseph Donahue, "Paradise Posts"
198. Bronwen Densmore, "How you begin drawing on a little panel..."
199. Karen Leona Anderson, "Proof"
200. Sawako Nakayasu, "11.10.2003"
201. Lisa Lubasch, "Said the Cloud"
202. Mathias Svalina, "Egress"
203. Deborah Meadows, "Luce Studies the Blue Cliff Record"
204. Deborah Bernhardt, "There Is No Toward"
205. Thomas Hummel, "His Dessicate Ancestry" (192-205 in Fence 9:1)
206. Monica de la Torre, "Happy New Year's"**
207. Monica de la Torre, "Overcast"
208. Monica de la Torre, "To and No Fro"
209. Catherine Wagner, "Everyone in the Room Is a Representative of the World at Large"
210. Alice Notley, from "Songs and Stories of the Ghouls"
211. Rosa Alcala, from "Tired Parties"
212. Jill Stengel, from "Wreath"
213. Elizabeth Robinson, "The Black Thimble"
214. Elizabeth Robinson, "Queue"
215. Corinne Lee, "Welcome to the Motorcycle Church"**
216. Corinne Lee, "From the Well in the Woods"
217. Corinne Lee, "Rod and Transit"
218. Kristina Martinez, "Vivarium"
219. Kristina Martinez, "Tamiami Gun & Knife Show"
220. Denise Szymczak, "Beginning Mysteries"
221. Denise Szymczak, "Monster Week, Confidential"
222. Denise Szymczak, "My Destroy"
223. Arielle Greenberg, "Serious Babies"
224. Arielle Greenberg, "A True Story from the Upper Middle Class"
225. Arielle Greenberg, "Good Sleeper"
226. Sarah Fox, "Field Notes of an Advance Scout: Torch Song"
227. Sarah Fox, "Field Notes of an Advance Scout: Transubstantiation" (206-27 in Superflux 1)
228. Joshua Poteat, "Illustrating how to catch and manufacture ghosts"
229. Davis McCombs, "Nesta"
230. Lisa Williams, "Woman Reading to the Sea"
231. Adrienne Rich, "Archaic"
232. Adrienne Rich, "Behind the Motel"
233. Amaud Jamaul Johnson, "Big City"
234. Paul Otremba, "Rest Stop"
235. Gary Fincke, "Selflessness"
236. Stephen Cushman, "Beside the Point" (228-36 in Virginia Quarterly Review 82:2)
237. Lance Larsen, "Miscarriage"
238. Cynie Cory, "Petrarch at Least"
239. Cynie Cory, "Walt Whitman Sleeps"
240. Neil de la Flor, "Skin"
241. Patrick Lawler, "Every City Has Its Wizard"
242. Terence Winch, "Fatal Mistake"
243. Terence Winch, "In Retaliation Against"
244. Erika Meitner, "Blow"**
245. Chad Parmenter, "Batman in Honey"
246. Peter Jay Shippy, "Man with Knife"
247. Jesse Lee Kercheval, "Lying, Awake" (237-47 in Hotel Amerika 4:2)
248. Terrance Hayes, "A Girl in the Woods"
249. Terrance Hayes, "A Plate of Bones"
250. Carol Guess, "Shove"
251. Carol Guess, "Dodge and Burn"
252. Lawrence Raab, "The Uninvited"
253. Michael Czyzniejewski, "Pleurisy"
254. Steven D. Schroeder, "Deathmatch Mode"
255. Arthur Smith, "Endanger"
256. Davis McCombs, "Fossil Fuel"
257. Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "Autoelegy"
258. Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "The Papyrus X-Rated"
259. Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "Under My Work Lamp"
260. Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "Finite Theory"**
261. Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "Biographies"
262. Sam Taylor, "Next"
263. Bryan Penberthy, "Lovetown"
264. Denise Duhamel, "Photo Op"
265. Matthew Gavin Frank, "Zodiac"**
266. Noah Falck, "Confessions Inside a Pickup Line"
267. Lance Larsen, "On Mourning"
268. Jibade-Khalil Huffman, "Funeral Mineral Vegetable"
269. Bob Hicok, "My Iron Age" (248-269 in Bat City Review 2)
270. David Shapiro, "Hapax Legomena"
271. Claire Becker, "Face-Time Is Less Than or Equal To"
272. Ashley Schaffer, "Abroad with L'Enfant Terrible"
273. Ashley Schaffer, "Heiligenschein"
274. Joseph Lease, from "Don't Look Back"
275. Andrew Mister, "3/31/02"
276. Stacy Szymaszek, from "hyper glossia"
277. Julia Cohen, "The Composer and the Mulberry Trees"
278. Shanna Compton, "The Dome Is It"
279. Jonathan Mayhew, "Self-Parody"
280. Colin Dodds, "Spill-O's Easy Chair in the Lotus"
281. Christopher Mulrooney, "the case of the truculent truffle"
282. Dan Hoy, "Peer Review"
283. Dan Hoy, "On Location: South Beach"
284. Andrew Sage, "Directory of Bolivia"
285. CAConrad, from "The Frank Poems"
286. Elaine Equi, "1+1=3"
287. Elaine Equi, "Etudes"
288. Joshua Edwards, "Military Farewell"
289. Joseph Bienvenu, "Blue Eyedrops Instantly Whiten Bloodshot Eyes"
290. Joseph Bienvenu, "Great Firefly Mouth"
291. James Meetze, "Saint of Perpetual Sorrow"
292. Kate Greenstreet, "Frank's Last Day"
293. Donna de la Perriere, "Case Law"
294. Donna de la Perriere, "Felo De Se"
295. Amy King, "My Secret Dictatorship"
296. Clay Matthews, "On the Insubordination of Advice"
297. Ian Randall Wilson, "At the Holiday Inn"
298. Gary McDowell, "The Fall, Or Early Winter"
299. Deborah Wardlow Pattillo, "Egg" (270-299 in The Tiny 2)
300. Katherine Sanchez Espano, "The History of Writing"
301. Steve Mueske, "On Poetics"
302. Bob Hicok, "First Do No Harm"
303. Mary Buchinger, "'Redeem/The Unread Vision In the Higher Dream'"
304. Geoffrey Detrani, "Room"**
305. Todd Smith, "Welcome to Dementia: Twelve Questions and Two Stipulations"
306. T. Zachary Cotler, "The Cables"
307. Brad Crenshaw, "Nude Reclining"
308. Carolyn Creedon, "Ganges Ophelia"
309. Martha Rhodes, "The Casualties: Thrombosis"
310. Jill McDonough, "November 11, 1831: Nat Turner" (300-310 in Massachusetts Review 47:1)
311. Shane Allison, "Gone to Glory"
312. Shane Allison, "When it Comes to My Parents I'm a Secret Agent"
313. David Barker, "Church Ladies"
314. David Elsey, "One More Morning"
315. Brandon Freels, "Sherman Alexie Remixes"
316. Jason Schneiderman, "Carmen Miranda"
317. Peter Sears, "Dumb Eyes"
318. Jeffrey McDaniel, "Air Empathy"
319. Jeffrey McDaniel, "Good"
320. Jeffrey McDaniel, "Boner Etiquette"
321. Shanna Compton, "The Closest Major Town" (311-21 in Spork 4:3)
322. Bob Hicok, "Moments of not"
323. Bob Hicok, "Peoria"
324. Charles Simic, "The Tree"
325. Charles Simic, "The Librarian"
326. Charles Simic, "The Ice Cubes Are on Fire"
327. Jana Harris, "Saved"**
328. Jana Harris, "Cutting Her Out from the Flock"
329. Mark Rudman, "Among the Unbelievers: Easter Weekend, Myrtle Beach"
330. Mark Rudman, "The Hot Zone"
331. Julia Crane, "Saddle" (322-31 in Boulevard 62/63)
332. Matthea Harvey, "[ ]"
333. Matthea Harvey, "We Sat in Them, We Sit in Them Still"
334. Katia Kapovich, "Tutor"**
335. Michael Palmer, "We Await"
336. Michael Palmer, "Fragment After Dante"
337. Michael Morse, "Void and Compensation (Stephon Marbury)"
338. Eamon Grennan, "Steam in Sunlight"
339. Peter Gizzi, "A Panic That Can Still Come Upon Me" (332-9 in A Public Space 1)
340. Jim Daniels, "Opium Remnants"
341. Mark Halliday, "Another Point"
342. Matthea Harvey, "Terror of the Future / 4"
343. Deborah Landau, from "Nocturnes"
344. Jeffrey McDaniel, "Just for the Record"
345. Susan Parr, "My Affair with the Physicist"
346. Mary Ruefle, "An American Comet"
347. Ira Sadoff, "Id"
348. Amelia Salisbury, "Autumn Poem"
349. John Surowiecki, "What Her Door Said"
350. John VanBallenberghe, "Lesson"
351. John VanBallenberghe, "Retreat"
352. G.C. Waldrep, "Mrs. Othmar, Mon Amour"
353. Kary Wayson, "Echolocution"
354. Rebecca Wolff, "Different People Feel Differently"
355. Franz Wright, "Twelve Exercises"
356. Matthew Zapruder, "January"
357. Matthew Zapruder, "Lazy Comet, Hurry" (340-57 in Alaska Quarterly Review 23:1/2)
358. Max Winter, "I Knew Then What I Know Now"
359. John Olson, "Congelation as Conjuration"**
360. John Olson, "Music in Proust"
361. Sueyeun Juliette Lee, "a"
362. Danielle Pafunda, "Tribune"
363. Anne Boyer, "Russian"
364. Anne Boyer, "Tales from Anderson"
365. Doug Nufer, "Dove Dove"
366. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "Another Somebody"
367. Gale Czerski, "Parameter: After North"
368. Gale Czerski, "Over here, vertigo"
369. Gale Czerski, "error messages"
370. Gale Czerski, "Ambulatory siren songs"
371. Gale Czerski, "Your absence will be noticed,"**
372. Brad Flis, "Your Witness"
373. Nate Pritts, "(butterfly) 2.3 endures an inner thaw"
374. Francis Raven, "Aesthetic Business Driver Eating Out"
375. Francis Raven, "Patent Application (1)"
376. Patrick Durgin, "Acrostic Apologia IV. /" (358-76 in Bird Dog 7)
377. Beth Anne Royer, "When Majordomo Dies"
378. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "Still Life with Marsh, Hero, Lions, & a Lookout"
379. Mark Wallace, from "Party in My Body"
380. Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, from "The History of the Eyes' Decline"
381. Amish Trivedi, "At Last, India"
382. Amish Trivedi, "Jamboree" (377-82 in Backwards City Review 2:1)
383. Mary Oliver, "A Note Left on the Door"
384. Brendan Galvin, "Corps of Discovery (1803-1806)"
385. Jeff Gundy, "Fulks Run to Cumberland"
386. Siobhan Phillips, "Classics"**
387. Chad Davidson, "The Tiniest Green Hummingbird in the World"
388. Dana Curtis, "Mariana Trench"
389. Paula Bohince, "At the Edge of Bayonet Woods" (383-9 in Shenandoah 56:1)
390. Jane Gregory, "Fear of Work"
391. Andrew Mister, from "Liner Notes"
392. Brian Howe, "Foreign Letter (Timid Thorax Remix)"
393. Alex Lemon, "Fuck All This Merrymaking"**
394. Clayton Couch, from "Unfitnesses"
395. Jen Tynes, "An Independent View of the Institution"
396. Anne Boyer, "The Relacion of Anne Boyer"**
397. K. Silem Mohammad, "The Romanticism"
398. Sandra Simonds, "Is Your Name Conrad"
399. Bruce Covey, "Plumb"
400. Erica Kaufman, "Ornithology"
401. Valzhyna Mort, tr. Franz Wright, "Belarusian"
402. Laura Carter, "No"
403. F.J. Bergman, "Vessel"
404. Dustin Williamson, "Wood Money"
405. Gina Myers, from "Travel Notes"
406. Edmund Berrigan, "Polly Unbound"
407. Laura Solomon, "French Sentences"
408. Jenna Cardinale, "Une Exciseuse"
409. Jim Behrle, "Farewell Address" (390-409 in Cannibal 1)
410. Angela Ball, "Inadequacy"
411. Kevin Boyle, "Cut of Dress"
412. Kevin Boyle, "Clean"
413. Meghan Cleary, four from She Was**
414. Denise Duhamel, "Hollywood Beach Idol"
415. Denise Duhamel, "Hollywood Beach Pantoum"
416. Denise Duhamel, "Casino"
417. Lisa Fishman, "Event Journal"
418. Mary Gannon, "Apology to What Remains"
419. Jamey Genna, "The Play"**
420. Anne Guzzardi, "Stockbridge"
421. Bob Hicok, "Lunch"
422. Austin Hummell, "Butterfly Ballot"
423. George Kalamaras, "The Keeper of Teeth"
424. George Kalamaras, "And Max Jacob"
425. Meg Kearney, "Conception"
426. Meg Kearney, "Grasshopper Walks Into a Bar"
427. David Kirby, "Terrible Swift Sword"
428. David Kirby, "Letter Home on My Birthday, November 29, 2002"
429. Noelle Kocot-Tomblin, "Standing Room Only"
430. Noelle Kocot-Tomblin, "Homage to Another Young Poet"
431. Noelle Kocot-Tomblin, "Gypsy Summer"
432. Charlotte Matthews, "Luminescence"
433. Charlotte Matthews, "Bottom of the Ocean"
434. Charlotte Matthews, "Daylight Savings Time"
435. Kurt S. Olsson, "Open Mic"
436. Kurt S. Olsson, "Spoons"
437. Steve Orlen, "Poem for Women and for Men"
438. Dana Roeser, "Mother Turns Blue"
439. Alane Rollings, "High Romance and Everlasting"
440. Margot Schilpp, "Of Stars and Water and Instructions for Observing Both"
441. Margot Schilpp, "Knowing"
442. Joanna Solfrian, "Poetry"
443. Joanna Solfrian, "A Dream in Four Parts"
444. Elaine Terranova, "Ghost Wife"
445. Chase Twichell, "The Fork in the Moment"
446. Chase Twichell, "Sorry"
447. Chase Twichell, "What the Grownups Are Saying"
448. Sarah Vap, "The Built-in Accident"
449. Sarah Vap, "Being a Great Believer in Cooling"
450. Joe Wenderoth, "Against Christian Love"
451. Jennifer Willoughby, "If You Steal It, Is It Mine?" (410-51 in Shade 2006)
452. Edwin Torres, "Slipped Curve"
453. Tom Morgan, "Untitled"
454. Mark Yakich, "Postcard to Ashley in Tuscaloosa"
455. Kristi Maxwell, "Queen"
456. Kristi Maxwell, "Rook"
457. Daniel Gutstein, "Concentric"
458. Bruce Covey, "Flirtation"
459. Mary Burger, "Geography Is Not Metaphor"
460. Sue Allison, "Composing a Note for the Alumni Directory"
461. Christophe Casamassima, "Untitled Poems (2)"
462. Raymond Farr, "Measuring 'Bedlam'" (452-62 in 580 Split 8)
463. Brandon Brown, "The Real Iliad"**
464. Kerri Sonnenberg, "Misreading the translation of world into worlds"
465. Kerri Sonnenberg, "I didn't speak, as usual, though"
466. Matvei Yankelevich, from "Boris By The Sea"
467. Ange Mlinko, "Setting Out from Valparaiso"
468. Ange Mlinko, "Three Poems on a Theme by Connie Deanovich"
469. Ange Mlinko, "Spring Formal"
470. Ange Mlinko, "Night Night"
471. Michael Cross, "great one and 'little people'"
472. Stephanie Young, from "Picture Palace"
473. Drew Gardner, "Chicks Dig War"** (463-473 in Magazine Cypress 4)
474. Marion Boyer, "New River Gorge, West Virginia"
475. Carrie Fountain, "Alamagordo"
476. Andrea Jackson, "Leakage"**
477. L. Bellee Jones, "Six Days Late"**
478. Janet Norman Knox, "Gravity Dog"
479. Diane LeBlanc, "Living with Forbidden Desire in the Midwest"
480. Rebecca Loudon, "Learning to Drive the Tractor"
481. Paul Martinez-Pompa, "Police Dog"
482. Clay Matthews, "Elegy for the Organ Slowly Dying Inside"
483. D.O. Moore, "Wedding Dress: Doubting Color, Doubting Memory"
484. Art Nahill, "Miracles"
485. Jacob Saenz, "Blue Line Incident"
486. Jim Tilley, "Serendipity in the Cosmos"
487. Jeremy Voigt, "The Paper Around the Orange"
488. Lynn Wagner, "Glass Case No. 35"
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