Wednesday, January 03, 2007

POEMS 2007

1. Allen Braden, "Detail of the Four Chambers to the Horse's Heart"
2. Miriam Levine, "In the Magnifying Glass"
3. Paisley Rekdal, "The Lecturer Discusses Edward Curtis's Vash Gon"
4. Alan Shapiro, "Country Western Singer"
5. Alan Shapiro, "Poet"
6. Alan Shapiro, "Dentist"
7. C. Dale Young, "Sepsis" (1-7 in Virginia Quarterly Review 83:1)
8. Zbigniew Herbert, tr. Alissa Valles, "Kant, Last Days"
9. Zbigniew Herbert, tr. Alissa Valles, "Mr. Cogito and the Little Creature"
10. Medbh McGuckian, "Notice"
11. Medbh McGuckian, "The Good Wife Taught Her Daughter"
12. H.L. Hix, "If the maple in the neighbor's yard needs trimming..."
13. Atsuro Riley, "The Roses"
14. Jacques Reda, tr. Andrew Shields, "Return from the Ball" (8-14 in Poetry January 2007)
15. Ruth Padel, "Spinning the Plasma"
16. August Kleinzahler, "Noir" (15-6 in London Review of Books 29:1)
17. Claudia Keelan, "Everybody's Autobiography"
18. Tomaz Salamun, tr. TS & Thomas Kane, "Purple Toga"
19. Tomaz Salamun, tr. TS & Thomas Kane, "Washing in Gold"
20. Carl Martin, "Ballad of Veronica Toast"
21. Carl Martin, "The Empire of Now"
22. Jack Israel, "the beth"
23. Peter Waldor, "New Moon"
24. Marvin Bell, "The Campus in Wartime"
25. Marvin Bell, "Fifteen Minutes"
26. Marvin Bell, "Assisted Living Quarters"
27. Marvin Bell, "The Difference" (17-27 in American Poetry Review 36:1)
28. Adam O. Davis, "Sketches of Next Summer"
29. Jasper Bernes, "Etymological Divagation"
30. Sandra Simonds, "Porch"
31. Claudia Burbank, "As Luck Would Have It"**
32. Joanne Lowery, "Welcome Wagon" (28-32 in Fourteen Hills 13:1)
33. Rosanna Warren, "Palaces"
34. Teresa Coe, "Café Noir"
35. Henri Cole, "Oil & Steel"
36. Dave Lucas, "Midwestern Cities"
37. Dean Young, "Like My Older Sister"
38. Michael Fried, "The Fallen Jockey" (32-8 in The Threepenny Review 108)
39. Kyle Dargan, "Of the Sun"
40. Kyle Dargan, "Boarding Points"**?
41. Reb Livingston, "God Gets Close"
42. Hayes Davis, "Dual Income, No Kids" (39-42 in Beltway 8:1)
43. Brent Fisk, "Fist Fight at 38"
44. Jude Goodwin, "Cow Tipping"
45. Matthew Little, "Relativity"
46. Heather Salus, "How We're Moved"**? (43-46 in Boxcar Poetry Review 6)
47. Anne Carson, "Zeus Bits"
48. Eugene Ostashevsky, "***"
49. Reginald Gibbons, "An Aching Young Man"
50. Wislawa Szymborska, tr. Clare Cavanagh & Stanislaw Baranczak, "The Old Professor"
51. Robyn Schiff, "Lustron: America's Prefabricated Home"**? (47-51 in A Public Space 3)
52. Todd Boss, "The Hush of the Very Good"
53. Ange Mlinko, "Eros of Heroines"
54. Billy Collins, "Pornography"
55. Cate Marvin, "Muckraker"**
56. Jason Guriel, "Less" (52-6 in Poetry February 2007)
57. Darcie Dennigan, "Orienteering in the Land of the New Pirates"**?
58. Robyn Art, "Supersymmetry"
59. Robyn Art, "Early Indications of the Theory of Everything"
60. Clay Matthews, "Exchange Rate"**?
61. William D. Waltz, "Please She Said"
62. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "Jewel Crook"
63. Mathias Svalina, "Dew Settles; Our Beloved Explorer Considers the Role of Evidence"
64. Mathias Svalina, "She Uses Her Pinky Finger When She Types"**?
65. John Pursley III, "Skyland Boulevard"
66. Justin Marks, "A Desk in the Creative Department"
67. Robert Krut, "Gravitypants Rocketboy Is Fashioning a Flying Apparatus"
68. Matt Hart, "Nest Egg"
69. Julie Doxsee, "My Winter Film"
70. Katy Acheson, "the puzzle bird"
71. Jim Goar, "Neighbor"
72. Viola Lee, "conversation with cement and glass"
73. Viola Lee, "conversation between the two rooms"
74. Christopher Rizzo, "Zone"***
75. Danielle Pafunda, "Wherein a Surrogate Discovers the Gate" (57-75 in H_NGM_N 6)
76. Jynne Dilling Martin, "Beauty in Its Various Forms Appeals to You"
77. Henry Hart, "Naval Weapons Station"
78. Ellen Bryant Voigt, "Rubato"
79. Gleb Shulpyakov, tr. Christopher Mattison, "[to write of a city, my city, which is no more]"
80. Gleb Shulpyakov, tr. Christopher Mattison, "[How long have these roads]"
81. Fady Joudah, "Ladies and Gentlemen"
82. Fady Joudah, "The Tea and Sage Poem"**
83. Yadollah Royai, tr. Haleh Hatami, "Talayeh's Stone"
84. Daniel Tobin, "Independence Day, 2005"
85. G.C. Waldrep, "Evensong: All Eyes Sharper"
86. G.C. Waldrep, "Many of Us Identify with Animals"
87. Lilah Hegnauer, "Canary Bird Flower in Your Chaste Tree" (76-87 in Kenyon Review 29:1)
88. Mary Biddinger, "The Edge of Town"**
89. Mary Biddinger, "Ferns"
90. Donald Illich, "Wings"
91. Cheryl Snell, "The Natural Order of Everything"
92. Sara Tracey, "The Orchard" (88-92 in Hobble Creek Review 1)
93. Natasha Trethewey, from "Logos"
94. Loretta Clodfelter, "From Synesthesia"
95. Jennifer L. Knox, "[That's] The Story of My Life"
96. Marie Buck, "Ses Purs Ongles"**
97. Marie Buck, "Winter Fingers Violently Purge"
98. Christine Hume, "Noctilucent Elegy"
99. Laurie Soslow, "Taught Not to Fly"
100. Eva Jean Peck, "May"
101. Eva Jean Peck, "Operative Cakes"
102. Eva Jean Peck, "Laundry Poem"
103. Rodney Koeneke, "Pretty Stink"
104. Rodney Koeneke, "Ambien Revamp"
105. Laine Cathryn, "So Far As . Soggy"
106. Lisa Jarnot, "Whole Hog"
107. Shane Allison, "Errands"**
108. Shane Allison, "Betishia Johnson's Pantoum"
109. Del Ray Cross, "cdxxii"
110. Del Ray Cross, "cdxxx" (93-110 in Coconut 7)
111. Alison Titus, "Forest"
112. Bronwen Tate, "Stoplight"
113. Ann Stephenson, "Fable"
114. Kate Schapira, "Snow Goose"
115. David Goldstein, "Paysage"
116. Jim Goar, "Guided Tour"
117. Simon Dedeo, "The Box You Put Me In"
118. Tyler Carter, "The North"
119. Daniel Borzutzky, "Exile"
120. Zach Barocas, "Leaving Cobble Hill"
121. Andrea Baker, "Proposal [small crumbs of darkness...]"
122. Rachel Abramowitz, "Brief Hiatus" (111-22 in Typo 9)
123. Steve Langan, "From the Earth"
124. Robyn Art, "And on the Eighth Day"
125. Christopher Kennedy, "The Riddle of Self-Worth"
126. Christopher Kennedy, "The Alchemist's Lament"
127-9. Dara Wier, "Clapping I-III"
130. Dawn-Michelle Baude, "Once Upon a Train Station (A Museum)" pdf**
131. Noelle Kocot, "So I Can Sigh Eternally"
132. Noelle Kocot, "Violet Populists"
133. Timothy Liu, "Theory [An island without roads...]"
134. Sean Dougherty, "Insomnia of the Broken Clock (for E)"
135. Joshua Harmon, "Landscape [How anymore hooky...]" (123-35 in Slope 24)
136. Claire Becker, "This Is Brain"
137. Brian Henry, from "More Dangerous Than Dying"
138. Karyna McGlynn, "[I have to go back to 1994 to kill a girl]"
139. Andrea Zanzotto, tr. Wayne Chambliss, "[Yes the snow again]"
140. Boyd Spahr, "[119] Bertha and Lily and Merrimack"
141. Amir Kenan, "Jump"
142. Nathan Hoks, "Consolation"
143. Nathan Hoks, "Mr. Ghost"
144. Elizabeth Robinson, "A Stitch in the Side"
145. Elizabeth Robinson, "Niche" (136-45 in Octopus 8)
146. Kristy Bowen, "Electrophobia"
147. Sam Rasnake, "Raking Leaves with Billy Collins" (146-7 in Siren 3)
148. Jill Gonet, "Keep Going"
149. Albert Goldbarth, "Re-Seen in This New Context"
150. Philip Schultz, "My Dog"
151. Philip Schultz, "Uncle Sigmund"**
152. Philip Schultz, "What I Like and Don't Like"
153. Dean Young, "Our Kind of People"
154. Alice Friman, "Reverie" (148-54 in Gettysburg Review 20:1)
155. Joan Salvat-Papasseit, tr. Tim Atkins, "Romantica"
156. Stephen Vincent, "Sleeping with Sappho"
157. Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear"
158. Kit Robinson, "More Ice Cubes"
159. Simon Pettet, "["Soup stains the bowl..."]"
160. Ray DiPalma, "A Chinese Pillow"
161. Ray DiPalma, "Right Thumb and Index Finger"
162. Ray DiPalma, "Acquisition of the Bones of a 10-Foot Penitent"
163. Ray DiPalma, "Allegiance to the Upland Screed"
164. Ray DiPalma, "Natural Selection" (155-164 in Onedit 7)
165. Jon Leon, "untitle: No. 5 of the Programme Soft Razionale"
166. Jasper Bernes, "Day Job" (165-6 in Aiden Starr)
167. Stephanie Anderson, "Last Evening of the Year"
168. Deborah Bogen, "Gravity"
169. Roger W. Hecht, "Ribbon Factory"
170. Melanie Jordan, "Special Effects"
171. Kevin Oberlin, "Mal"
172. Kevin Oberlin, "Wash" (167-72 in Diagram 6.6)
173. Donna Stonecipher, "Inlay (Susan Sontag)"
174. Gareth Lee, "Totalitarianism"
175. Jonathan Thirkield, "Commedia Dell'Arte (14:114)"
176. Jonathan Thirkield, "Auf Naxos"
177. Leila Wilson, "Back Spot Turn"
178. Karen Volkman, "Sonnet [Coracle, rime, red ocean]"
179. Marcella Durand, from "Traffic and Weather"
180. Thomas Heise, from "The Journal of X"
181. Dora Malech, "Push, Pull"
182. Dora Malech, "Pocket Money"
183. Jennifer Scappetone, "Derrida Is Dead 2.009"
184. Ulf Stolterfoht, tr. Rosmarie Waldrop, "Lingos III"
185. Dunya Mikhail, tr. Yasmeen Hanoosh & Jeffrey Yang, "China and Hong Kong"
186. Henry Israeli, "Minnie in the Passenger Seat"
187. Ange Mlinko, "Teenage Royalty"
188. Ange Mlinko, "Minerva"
189. Sandra Miller, "Rubies Line ."
190. Thylias Moss, "Absolute Hairlessness and the Cannibal"
191. Thylias Moss, "Crops of Universes: A Red Dot's Menu"
192. Thylias Moss, "Ever Since Crib Days"
193. Madeline Gins and Arakawa, "Biotopological Report #10, First Draft 2006" (173-93 in The Canary 6 - 21/54)
194. Brandon Brown, "Administrative Assistant"**?
195. Daniel Knudsen, "Flood with Ant"
196. Jen Tynes, "Drought"
197. Sasha West, "Museum of Natural History, Diorama #74, Gorbachev at Leningrad Airport"
198. William Allegrezza, "Colors dreams" (194-8 in Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks 8)
199. Elisa Gabbert, "To Us"
200. Elisa Gabbert, "New Year's Eve Eve at My Parents' House"
201. Donald Illich, "A Wagon Full of Rocks"
202. Robert Lietz, "Fall Routes"
203. Kathleen Rooney, "Friday Night, Working at the Bookstore, You Get Hit On" (199-203 in Sawbuck 1)
204. James Galvin, "Two Sketches of Horses"
205. Peter Gizzi, "Aubade and Beyond"
206. Peter Gizzi, "Bolshevescent" (204-6 in Tin House 8:2 - 3/9)
207. Susan Tepper, "Evie"**
208. Rob Cook, "Four Dawn Cities"
209. Bruce Covey, "Reveal: Apparel"
210. Michael Rerick, "Marvin's"
211. Melanie Faith, "Cute: A Prose Poetic"**
212. Anthony Hawley, "XXXVI"
213. Carolyn Whitbeck, from "Inheritance"
214. Jerry McGuire, "The Invisible Dancers -- Gene Kelly's Lost Films"
215. Timothy Liu, "Till We Become Unknown To Ourselves"
216. Bronwen Tate, "Icons: an Introduction"
217. Nate Pritts, ":That Time of Year:"
218. Michael Loughran, "One Scene"
219. Michael Loughran, "Template"
220. Viola Lee, "Conversation with Where I Am From"
221. Raymond Farr, "Blue Sedan Manipulation" (207-221 in Cab/Net Journal 1 - 15/37 (2))
222. Mathias Svalina, "After Everything"
223. Mathias Svalina, "Posing the Donkey"**
224. Gina Franco, from "Utter"
225. Allison Titus, "Ice Storm"
226. Al Maginnes, "Firefly Gospel"**
227. Al Maginnes, "What the Body Works to Earn"
228. Fred Ulrich, "Wood Saturate Dream"
229. Matthea Harvey, "Free Electricity" (222-9 in Copper Nickel 7 - 8/21 (2))
230. John Welch, "Star Fish"
231. Peter Gizzi, "Wintry Mix"**
232. Peter Gizzi, "Last Century Thoughts in Snow Tonight" (230-2 in LRB 29:2 - 3/3 (1))
233. Elizabeth Workman, "City Plan P"
234. Mark Cunningham, "Papaya"
235. Mark Cunningham, "Staghorn Sumac"
236. Ellen Kennedy, "Untitled"
237. Ellen Kennedy, "Orange"
238. James Bellflower, from "Commuter"
239. Anne Heide, from "The Black City" (233-9 in Alice Blue Review 5 - 7/25)
240. Grace Schulman, "Joy"
241. Andrew Morgan, "Enormous Sleeps" (240-1 in Pleiades 27:1 - 2/33)
242. D. James Smith, "Easy"
243. D. James Smith, "Reading Wilfred Owen"
244. Richard Prince, "Bomb Dream Enameled"
245. Julie King, "She's a pinko,"
246. Julie King, "(what we have here is a failure to communicate)"
247. Robert Vandermolen, "Craters"
248. August Kleinzahler, "Tranter in America"
249. Glenn O'Brien, "Bush Drives on Deep into Afghanistan"
250. Robert Polito, "Deep Deuce"
251. Geoffrey Cruikshank-Hagenbuckle, "Please Address All Mail to My Suitcase"
252. Gerard Malanga, "Josie"
253. Michael Bullock, "Reckless Abandonment"
254. Michael Bullock, "These Golden Years"**
255. Elaine Equi, "Side Effects May Include"
256. Elaine Equi, "Progress Report" (242-56 in Bald Ego 3 - 15/29 (1))
257. Cindy May Murphy, "For My Father, Who Fears I'm Going to Hell"
258. Allison Seay, "Spoken For"
259. Ben Lesousky, "It So Happens"
260. Abraham Burickson, "The Hourglass"
261. Susan Settlemyre Williams, "Linnaeus in Eden"
262. Lola Haskins, "It"
263. Harry Waitzman, "Homage to Marina Tsvetayeva"
264. Leah Falk, "Navigation"
265. Angela Sorby, "Dove and Dove"**
266. Jack Ridl, "Return to a Place I Don't Remember"
267. Maya Pindyck, "The Lesson" (257-67 in Sycamore Review 19:1 - 11/13 (1))
268. Charles Harper Webb, "I Guess You're Just Not Sentimental"
269. Elizabeth Scanlon, "Hippocampal"
270. Kristy Bowen, "The Unhappiness of Objects"
271. Sarah Fay, "Waitress Stills Nos. 7 & 9"
272. Brad Liening, "Welcome to Orientation"
273. Fred Muratori, "Alert"
274. Cathryn Essinger, "Outside Consultant"
275. Seth Abramson, "Go Six Go Nine" (268-75 in Swink 3 - 8/28)
276. Erica Anzalone, "Estranged Blushing"
277. Erica Anzalone, "Fashion Report"
278. Jesse Ball, "A project:"
279. Hadara Bar-Nadav, "Inside the Maze (III)"
280. Mary Burger, from "A Series of Water Disasters"
281. Brenda Coultas, "A Perception"
282. Brenda Coultas, "Taking Down Some Notes"
283. Brenda Coultas, "The Haunted Church"
284. Heriberto Helder, tr. Alexis Levitin, untitled
285. Sawako Nakayasu, "Sufficient Gravity 1 (Wind)"
286. Sawako Nakayasu, "Sufficient Gravity 2 (The Slide)"**
287. Sawako Nakayasu, "Sufficient Gravity 3 (The Surface Tension Challenge)"
288. Sawako Nakayasu, "Arranged Insects"
289. Sawako Nakayasu, "Love"
290. Mark Salerno, "Orange Crush"
291. Mark Salerno, "Now This"
292. Mark Salerno, "Iota"
293. Noah Saterstrom, "Amateur Art"**
294. Chad Sweeney, "Into the Tunnel"
295. Letitia Trent, "Dream Boat"
296. Kerri Webster, "Count What Was Bitter and Kept You Awake" (276-96 in Denver Quarterly 41:3 - 21/49 (2))
297. Andrew Hudgins, "Swordfish"
298. Andrew Hudgins, "After Teaching"
299. Sophocles, tr. Reginald Gibbons, "The Fullness of the World"
300. Afaa Michael Weaver, "The Ten Thousand"
301. Richard Kenney, "Iris"
302. Kay Ryan, "Train-Track Figure"
303. Kay Ryan, "Pentimenti" (297-303 in Poetry March 2007 - 7/22)
304. Tony Hoagland, "I Have News for You"
305. Tony Hoagland, "Visitation"
306. Tony Hoagland, "In Praise of Their Divorce"**
307. Tony Hoagland, "Love"
308. Tony Hoagland, "Hinge"
309. Tony Hoagland, "Expensive Hotel"
310. Tony Hoagland, "Forty-Year-Old Wine"
311. Tony Hoagland, "Lost Keys"
312. Tony Hoagland, "Nature"**
313. Edward Hirsch, "Playing the Odds"
314. Dara Wier, "Cypress, Dateless"
315. Dara Wier, "The Last Was a Very Good River"
316. Dara Wier, "Faithful"
317. Clayton Eshleman, "Dead Reckoning"
318. Alicia Ostriker, "Approaching Seventy"
319. Norman Dubie, "A Gritty Motion Picture Valnetine, Denver, 1929"
320. Norman Dubie, "The Sentimentalists"
321. Darren Morris, "Accompanist for Florence Foster Jenkins" (304-21 in American Poetry Review 36:2 - 18/57 (2))
322. Mel Kenne, "Answer from the Other"
323. Lola Haskins, "From the Lake"**
324. Mariana Marin, tr. Adam J. Sorkin & Daniela Hurezanu, "Elegy"
325. Charles Wright, from Littlefoot, "26"
326. James Longenbach, "Ghost Pond"
327. Charles Wuest, "For a Few Days of Legend" (322-7 in Subtropics 3 - 6/20 (1))
328. Erin Malone, "The Winter He Is One"
329. Erin Malone, "Boy in Red Shorts"
330. Emily Fridlund, "Storm"
331. Fady Joudah, "In the Calm"
332. Fady Joudah, "This Child"
333. Leonore Hildebrandt, "The Second Thought" (328-33 in BPJ 57:3 - 6/20)
334. Robert Gibb, "Keepsakes: A Pocket Guide to the Memorabilia in the Room"
335. Robert Gibb, "Industrial Relics, Station Square"
336. Sarah Lindsay, "Beyond Rubies"
337. William Logan, "And Now for Something Completely Different"
338. John Peck, "From the Factory in Wolfsburg"
339. John Hennessy, "Calling"
340. Jesper Svenbro, tr. Lars-Hakan Svensson, "New Poem of Sappho"
341. Moira Linehan, "The Habits of Rails"
342. Patricia Corbus, "One Fabulous Bird"
343. Jenny Morse, from "Messengers Are Birds and Speak Each Letter You and I Say"
344. Diane Furtney, "Blue Starred"
345. Ryan G. Van Cleave, "Two Lovers in an Abandoned Nuclear Missile Silo..."
346. Eckhard Gerdes, "Blue Angelism"
347. Kim Chinquee, "Unpacking My Stuff"
348. Kim Chinquee, "Base Recreation"
349. Kristy Odelius, "Forecast"**
350. Stephen Gibson, "PETA Georgics for Giulio Romano's Lady at Her Toilet"
351. K. E. Duffin, "Ivorybill"
352. Ian Harris, "Expeditionary Love Sonnet"
353. Ian Harris, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"**
354. Drew Blanchard, "The Allerton Hotel, Chicago"
355. Drew Blanchard, "Wrecking the Orpheum" (334-55 in Notre Dame Review 23 - 22/91 (2))
356. Zach Barocas, "Locus"
357. Mairead Byrne, "Shingle"
358. Mairead Byrne, "State House, June"
359. Andrew Mister, "Sparks"
360. Andrew Mister, "Cold Storage"
361. Rae Armantrout, "Pleasure"
362. Rae Armantrout, "Stretch"
363. Rae Armantrout, "The Catch"
364. Aaron Tieger, "Noise"
365. Tom Devaney, "A Northern Straight"
366. Tom Devaney, "One Hour, October"
367. Julie Doxsee, "Dear Rabbit Costume"
368. Julie Doxsee, "Rabbit Costume Tour"
369. Sandra Simonds, "I Serengeti You"
370. Sandra Simonds, "Hitherto Hungers"
371. John Phillips, "Soundless"** (356-71 in Effing 6 - 16/37 (1))
372. Jean Vengua, "On Work"
373. Jean Vengua, "Flyting Days"
374. Jean Vengua, "Momentum"**
375. Stephen Elliott, "A Serious Long Term Relationship, Too"
376. Shin Yu Pai, "Retort"
373. Shin Yu Pai, "Luciano Mares Meets the Buddha"
374. Graham Foust, "Comedy's Timing"
375. Graham Foust, "After Dickinson"
376. Graham Foust, "Side Effect"
377. Nakahara Chuya, tr. Ry Beville, "In the Treatment of Nouns"
378. Nakahara Chuya, tr. Ry Beville, "Circus"
379. Nakahara Chuya, tr. Ry Beville, "Emptiness"
380. Nakahara Chuya, tr. Ry Beville, "Fig Leaves"
381. Daniel Nester, "Theme for Charlie"
382. Laura Mullen, "Message"
383. Shanna Compton, "Populist Lament"
384. Shanna Compton, "Compound"
385. Betsy Wheeler, "The Quarry"
386. Naomi Replansky, "Changes of Climate"
387. Mark Young, "M"
388. Mark Young, "N"
389. Sawako Nakayasu, "Crossings"
390. Jennifer L. Knox, "Toughen me up, Alan Dugan,"
391. Jennifer L. Knox, "Part Rodent, Part Pronoun"
392. Jennifer L. Knox, "The Bright Bomb had Three Faces"
393. Edith Sodergran, tr. Theo Radic, "November Morning"
394. Edith Sodergran, tr. Theo Radic, "Instinct"
395. Edith Sodergran, tr. Theo Radic, "Lightning"
396. Curt Anderson, "Hard Plastic"
397. David Larsen, "Paris of Troy, a 'neo-benshi' script"
398. Stephanie Young, from "Picture Palace," Book Three
399. Alli Warren, from "Melody of my Forgetfulness"
400. K. Silem Mohammad, "The Battle of Fort William Henry"
401. K. Silem Mohammad, "The Front"
402. Sparrow, "Three"
403. Maria Davico, "Mode"
404. Chad Sweeney, "33"
405. David Gitin, "The State"
406. Alison Luterman, "Moose" (372-406 in Ping Pong 1 - 35/93 (1))
407. Kevin Oberlin, "Wash Like a Man in a Plastic Jungle"
408. Sommer Browning, "Never believe the concierge"
409. Christopher Janke, [4] from "blepharism"
410. Anthony Hawley, "LXXIX"
411. Stuart Dischell, "Song of the Night"
412. Matthew Henriksen, "Copse"
413. Heather Hartley, "Artichoke Horoscope"
414. Jason Morris, "***"
415. Matthew Zapruder, "Sammy's Velocity"
416. Cynthia Arrieu-King, "How Do You Define Bliss, Love?"
417. Zachary Schomburg, "You Must Choose Between Floating Eternally..."
418. Clay Matthews, "Broadcast of Another Speech About Forever"
419. Will Gresham & Jessy Randall, "Grapes"
420. Matthew Zapruder, "Minnesota"
421. Amanda Nadelberg, "103 Ca"
422. Christopher Janke, [6] from "blepharism"
423. Virgil Renfro, "The Unicyclist in Self-Defense"
424. Gina Myers & Dustin Williamson, "as per your request"
425. Zachary Schomburg, "New Kind of Tree" (407-425 in Forklift, Ohio 16 - 19/70)
426. Susie Meserve, "Steps to Get Over"
427. Rane Arroyo, "Translation Lessons"
428. Nate Pritts, "Nocturne"
429. Hilary Sideris, "Adult Short-Haired Domestic Male"
430. Hilary Sideris, "Baby"
431. Yvonne Green, "The Èboule (At Home)"
432. Matthew Gavin Frank, "Santa Marta Fifty Miles South"
433. Bruce Covey, "So you climb"
434. Bobby C. Rogers, "Real Estate"
435. E.G. Burrows, "The Visitor"
436. E.G. Burrows, "Fish Fry"
437. Rebecca Wadlinger, "Incidents in the Life of My Mother"
438. Rosanne Wasserman, "Learning to Swim in the Ocean"
439. Eugene Richie, "The Invisible Translator"
440. Eugene Richie, "At Jane and Joe's" (426-40 in Cimarron Review 158 - 15/44)
441. Bethany Buchholz, "Oral Tradition"
442. Marianne Boruch, "Lunch"
443. Marianne Boruch, "Bird Made of Iron"
444. Jeffrey Franklin, "Drucker's Mule Barn"
445. Michael Meyerhoffer, "Floating Womb Syndrome"
446. Ari Banias, "The Carrier"
447. Don Welch, "The Spillway" (441-7 in Arts & Letters - 7/16)
448. Caroline Knox, "Mourning War"
449. Caroline Knox, "A Dance"
450. Sandra Simonds, "I don't deserve your Riesling"
451. Wayne Koestenbaum, "Investigation"
452. Wayne Koestenbaum, "Fauvist Depravity"
453. Ed Roberson, "Tribal Tag"
454. Geoffrey Jacques, "Letter"
455. Loren Goodman, "Those I Have Known"
456. Milosz Biedrzycki, tr. Frank L. Vigoda, "Massachusetts" (448-56 in Fence 9:2 - 9/33)
457. Regina Derieva, tr. Daniel Weissbort, "Days and the Transit System Grind Their Teeth"
458. Pablo Neruda, tr. Robin Robertson, "Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market"
459. Valzhyna Mort, tr. Franz Wright & Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright, "New York"
460. Alcman, tr. A.E. Stallings, "Halcyon"
461. John Peck, "Lament"
462. Arthur Rimbaud, tr. Reynolds Price, "Vagabonds"
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