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Claudia Burbank, "As Luck Would Have It" (Fourteen Hills 13:1)
Kyle Dargan, "Boarding Points" (Beltway 8:1)
Heather Salus, "How We're Moved" (Boxcar Poetry Review 6)
Robyn Schiff, "Lustron: America's Prefabricated Home" (A Public Space 3)
Cate Marvin, "Muckraker" (Poetry February 2007)
Darcie Dennigan, "Orienteering in the Land of the New Pirates" (H_NGM_N 6)
Clay Matthews, "Exchange Rate" (H_NGM_N 6)
Mathias Svalina, "She Uses Her Pinky Finger When She Types" (H_NGM_N 6)
Christopher Rizzo, "Zone"*** (H_NGM_N 6)
Fady Joudah, "The Tea and Sage Poem" (Kenyon Review 29:1)
Mary Biddinger, "The Edge of Town" (Hobble Creek Review 1)
Marie Buck, "Ses Purs Ongles" (Coconut 7)
Shane Allison, "Errands" (Coconut 7)
Dawn-Michelle Baude, "Once Upon a Train Station (A Museum)" pdf (Slope 24)
Philip Schultz, "Uncle Sigmund" (Gettysburg Review 20:1)
Brandon Brown, "Administrative Assistant" (Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks 8)
Susan Tepper, "Evie" (Cab/Net 1)
Melanie Faith, "Cute: A Prose Poetic" (Cab/Net 1)
Mathias Svalina, "Posing the Donkey" (Copper Nickel 7)
Al Maginnes, "Firefly Gospel" (Copper Nickel 7)
Peter Gizzi, "Wintry Mix" (LRB 29:2)
Michael Bullock, "These Golden Years" (Bald Ego 3)
Angela Sorby, "Dove and Dove" (Sycamore Review 19:1)
Sawako Nakayasu, "Sufficient Gravity 2 (The Slide)" (Denver Quarterly 41:3)
Noah Saterstrom, "Amateur Art" (Denver Quarterly 41:3)
Tony Hoagland, "In Praise of Their Divorce" (American Poetry Review 36:2)
Tony Hoagland, "Nature" (American Poetry Review 36:2)
Lola Haskins, "From the Lake" (Subtropics 3)
Kristy Odelius, "Forecast" (Notre Dame Review 23)
Ian Harris, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (Notre Dame Review 23)
John Phillips, "Soundless" (Effing 6)
Jean Vengua, "Momentum" (Ping Pong 1)
Tadeuz Rozewicz, tr. Joanna Trzeciak, "the professor's knife" (Triquarterly 126)
Brenda Hillman, "Pacific Storms" (Columbia 44)
Damir Sodan, tr. Stephen M. Dickey, "After Breughel" (APR 36:3)
Kirsten Dierking, "Lucky" (Poetry East 58/59)
Bill Christophersen, "Old-Time Fiddlers Convention" (Hanging Loose 90)
David Blair, "Getting Sick & Better" (Zoland Poetry 1)
Ioan Flora, tr. Adam Sorkin, "Radioactive Waste, Guards and Dogs" (Zoland Poetry 1)
Lyn Hejinian, "Fable" (Zoland Poetry 1)
Thomas Sayers Ellis, "No Easy Task" (Zoland Poetry 1)
Jennifer K. Sweeney, "Fragments for the End of the Year" (Hunger Mountain 10)
Hoa Nguyen, "Pusa" (Kadar Koli 1)
Anselm Berrigan, from "Have a Good One": "We refused to enter Tompkins..." (The Poker 8)
Mark Jarman, "Snoring" (APR 36:4)
Mike Hauser, "A Life PressCorp Bound" (The Tiny 3)
BJ Soloy, "My Co-Pilot is a Welsh Pixiehorse" (Columbia Poetry Review 20)
Jorge Luis Borges, tr. Terese Coe, "Remorse" (New American Writing 25)
John Olson, "The Prodigality of Green" (New American Writing 25)
Joel Lewis, "Enemy of the State" (New American Writing 25)
Donna Stonecipher, "Inlay (Elaine Scarry)" (New American Writing 25)
Linda Norton, "A Parakeet" (New American Writing 25)
Marco A. Domínguez, "The Death of Head and Leg" (Boxcar Poetry Review 9)
Jeff Newberry, "Poem for Panama City, Florida" (Hobble Creek Review 2)
Bernadette Mayer, "Summer Solstice" (A Public Space 4)
Bob Hicok, "So I know" (APR 36:5)
Thomas Devaney, "William James and the Giant Peach" (APR 36:5)
Erika Meitner, "The Violent Legacy of Household Monogamy" (APR 36:5)
K. Silem Mohammad, "The Poordom" (Xantippe 4/5)
Chris Edgar, "No Other People" (The Sienese Shredder 1)
Charles North, "Neige Dolorosa" (The Sienese Shredder 1)
Rae Armantrout, "Passage" (Poetry Nov 2007)
Megan Snyder-Camp, "The House on Laurel Hill Lane" (Field 77)
Anne Tardos, "The Aim of All Nature Is Beauty" (Conjunctions 48)
Devin Johnston, "The Golden Hinde" (Poetry Dec 07)
Devin Johnston, "In the North" (Poetry Dec 07)
John Ash, "Stations" (Subtropics 4)
John Ash, "The Women of Kars" (Subtropics 4)
Margaret Gibson, "Second Nature" (Georgia Review 61:3)
Ernest Farres, tr. Lawrence Venuti, "Edward Hopper: August in the City, 1945" (The Nation, 2007-12-31)
Duo Duo, tr. Ye Chun & Shawn Flanagan, "Winter Night Sky" (Phoebe 36:1)
Emmanuel Merle, tr. Peter Brown, "1922" (Salamander 12:2)
Ann Killough, "[the boy and the slave on the raft]" (Salamander 12:2)
J. Allyn Rosser, "Judith Bearing the Head of Holofernes" (Georgia Review 61:4)
Kay Murphy, "For My Books" (Copper Nickel 8)
Rachel Morgan, "Mannerism" (Hunger Mountain 11)
Adrienne Su, "Reading" (New Letters 74:1)
Darcie Dennigan, "The New Mothers" (Court Green 4)
Tom Orange, "The War is Unwinnable" (Court Green 4)
Matt Lombardi, "Dirty Brown Sky" (Court Green 4)
Veronique Pittolo, tr. Cole Swensen, "Little Stuffed Riding Wolf" (Interim 25:1/2)
Susan Schultz, "Dementia Blog" (Interim 25:1/2)
Robert Kelly, "After Reading John Ashbery's 'Clepsydra'" (Modern Review 2:4)
Ange Mlinko, "Labyrinth, Cosmos, Amour Fou" (Modern Review 2:4)
Randall Horton, "14th and Park Road, Washington DC: A Day of Observance"** (Crab Orchard Review 12:2)
Shane Seely, "First Anniversary"** (Crab Orchard Review 12:2)
Thomas Meyer, "The Magician's Assistant"** (Damn the Caesars III)
Andrzej Bursa, tr. Kevin Christianson & Halina Ablamowicz, "The Telegram"** (Damn the Caesars III)

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