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Meghan O'Rourke, "Spectacular"** (NYRB 53:1)
Patricia Storace, "Pagan Litany"** (NYRB 53:1)

Marilyn Hacker, "Ghazal: Waiting"** (VQR 82:1)
George Stanley, "Common Areas"** (The Poker 7)
Ange Mlinko, "So the Rascal Has Two Houses!"** (The Poker 7)
Ada Limon, "A Little Distantly, As One Should"** (LW)
Stuart Greenhouse, "Cowrie Apostrophe"** (Chelsea 79)
Dana Ward, "A Young Chandelier"** (Wherever We Put Our Hats 3)
Noelle Kocot, "Lithium"** (PFTEOT)
Michael Morse, "Void and Compensation (Assisted Living)"** (The Canary 5)

Ed Ochester, "Voltaire at Cirey, 1736"** (Barrow Street Winter 2005/06)
Mary Biddinger, "Snakeskin"** (The Eleventh Muse 2006)
Monica de la Torre, "Happy New Year's"** (Superflux 1)
Corinne Lee, "Welcome to the Motorcycle Church"** (Superflux 1)
Erika Meitner, "Blow"** (Hotel Amerika 4:2)
Carlos Edmundo de Ory, tr. Steven J. Stewart, "Finite Theory"** (Bat City Review 2)
Matthew Gavin Frank, "Zodiac"** (Bat City Review 2)
Geoffrey Detrani, "Room"** (Massachusetts Review 47:1)
Jana Harris, "Saved"** (Boulevard 21:2/3)
Katia Kapovich, "Tutor"** (A Public Space 1))
John Olson, "Congelation as Conjuration"** (Bird Dog 7)
Gale Czerski, "Your absence will be noticed,"** (Bird Dog 7)
Siobhan Phillips, "Classics"** (Shenandoah 56:1)
Alex Lemon, "Fuck All This Merrymaking"** (Cannibal 1)
Anne Boyer, "The Relacion of Anne Boyer"** (Cannibal 1)

Jamey Genna, "The Play"** (Shade 2006)
Brandon Brown, "The Real Iliad"** (Magazine Cypress 4)
Drew Gardner, "Chicks Dig War"** (Magazine Cypress 4)
Andrea Jackson, "Leakage"** (Rhino 2006)
L. Bellee Jones, "Six Days Late"** (Rhino 2006)
Merrill Gilfillan, "Men Looking for Wives"** (Hanging Loose 88)
Maggie Nelson, "A Halo Over the Hospital"** (Hanging Loose 88)
Carolyn Johnson, "I Don't Want to Get Too Famous"** (Hanging Loose 88)
Parker Zane Allen, "Night Light"** (Small Town 8)
Wayne Koestenbaum, "Hotel Theory: Coming Attractions"** (Soft Targets 1.1)
Margaret Brady, "Letters from Home"** (Columbia Poetry Review 19)
Brandi Homan, "Red Dress Cento #1"** (Columbia Poetry Review 19)
Patty Seyburn, "Spanish for Dream"** (Columbia Poetry Review 19)
Joe Ledoux, "Black"** (Columbia Poetry Review 19)
Bob Hicok, "Team Effort"** (Field 74)
Andrea Hollander Budy, "Natural Causes"** (Field 74)
Victoria Bosch Murray, "Milking the Lion"** (Field 74)
David Spiering, "The Realm of Anyway"** (Poetry East 56)
Marie Etienne, tr. Marilyn Hacker, "Some of Them Are Japanese"** (Pleiades 26:2)
Eric Paul Shaffer, "The Famous Poet's Wife"** (BPF 56:4)
Mark Halliday, "Blithed Arcadia"** (Hunger Mountain 8)
Tetman Callis, "latrodectus, loxosceles, lycosa tarentula"** (Denver Quarterly 40:4)
Ben Doyle, "Prescription Window"** (Denver Quarterly 40:4)

Anna Moschovakis, "Dependence Day Parade"** (IHNBATGTTE)
Rane Arroyo, "For a Bitter Veteran Student Who Is 24 Years Old"** (BPJ 57:1)
Colleen McKee, "In the Briars"** (Bellevue Literary Review 6:2)

Kris Bronstad, "Horns of Indefinable Sadness"** (effing 4)
Judith Kroll, "not a void containing everything"** (effing 4)
Maureen Thorson, "Valentine"** (Small Town 10)
Kate Greenstreet, "Complications from a fall [4]"** (Carve 7)
Kim Chinquee, "House Guest"**? (Denver Quarterly 41:1)
Margot Schilpp, "Good Girl"** (Pool 5)
Laurie Sheck, "Notes on the Earth Seen from Space"** (A Public Space 2)
Genine Lentine, "Molt"** (Gulf Coast 19:1)
Susan Wood, "Fathers and Daughters"** (Gulf Coast 19:1)

W.T. Pfefferle, "Bad History"** (VQR 82:4)
Pamela Lu, from "Ambient Parking Lot"** (Chicago Review 51:4/52:1)
Marya Rosenberg, "'If I Tell You You're Beautiful...': A West Point Haiku Series"** (Hanging Loose 89)
Marya Rosenberg, "'That Guy's Hardcore'"** (Hanging Loose 89)

Alison Stine, "Dream Anatomy"** (New England Review 27:3)
Susan Hutton, "Regret"**? (New England Review 27:3)
Debra Daniel, "On the Preserve Before the Season Opens"** (Inkwell 20)
Steve Fellner, "Synesthesia"** (Cimarron Review 157)
Christien Gholson, "Two Crows in an Almost-Bare Aspen"**? (Cimarron Review 157)
Stan Apps, "Grover and the Book"**? (Combo 14/15)
Stan Apps, "Grover and the Good Mood"**? (Combo 14/15)
David Trinidad, from "A Poem Under the Influence"**? (Combo 14/15)
Katie Degentesh, "I Loved My Father"** (The Anger Scale)
Matthew Thorburn, "And Nadine Was Like"** (Passages North 27:1)
Matthew Guenette, "The Happening"** (Passages North 27:1)
Michael Loughran, "Incident Report"** (Subtropics 2))
Graham Foust, "Iowa City"** (Practice 1)
A. Mary Murphy, "As the Little Sister"**? (Phoebe 35:2)
Anne Pierson Wiese, "The Distance"**? (Atlanta Review 12:2)
John Ash, "Drinking"** (Atlanta Review 12:2)
Richard Garcia, "Cowboy Days"** (The Saint Ann's Review 6:2)
Iain Britton, "Investigating the Habits and Habitat of Kurangaituku"** (Rattapallax 13)
Jim Stewart, "Listening"** (Rattapallax 13)
Kevin Ducey, "Chisolm Goodnight Loving"** (Beloit Poetry Journal 57:2)
Christopher Howell, "Rachel"*** (Gettysburg Review 19:4)
Alexandria Peary, "Close, Shaped Briefly as Trees"** (Gettysburg Review 19:4)
David Blair, "Easter, Good Pope John XXIII"** (Fulcrum 5)
Kate Schatz, "Business"** (West Branch 59)
Joshua Marie Wilkinson, "The Trees"** (West Branch 59)
Sarah White, "Companion"** (Harvard Review 31)
Robin Blaser, "'Have you got a toybox?'"** (Golden Handcuffs Review 1:7)
Meredith Quartermain, "Fireground"** (Golden Handcuffs Review 1:7)
Mary Ruefle, "The Bunny Gives Us a Lesson in Eternity"** (Poetry December 2006)
Marcella Durand, "Traffic and Weather"** (Conjunctions 47)

Kristine Snodgrass, "The Divorce"**? (Wildlife 1)
Christine Hume, "Lullaby"** (Denver Quarterly 41:2)
Peter O'Leary, "Ebulliences"** (Colorado Review 33:3)
Claudia Emerson, "Organist"** (Shenandoah 56:3)

J. Allyn Rosser, "Early in Any Century"** (Georgia Review 60:3/4)
Jeffrey Bean, "March"** (New Orleans Review 32:1)
Ersi Sotiropoulos, tr. Stavros Deligiorgis, "Ask Socrates Marilyn Said"** (Circumference 4)
Mathias Svalina, "When I Was a Buckle"**? (Action Yes 1:3)
Brent Hendricks, "10's"**? (Action Yes 1:1)
David Goldstein, "Stuyvesant Town"**? (Alice Blue 2)
Hugo Williams, "Introduction"**? (LRB 28:21)
O. Hunt, "I have a monocle"**? (Apocryphal Text Special Issue 2006)
Connie Davis, "Through Mist"** (Kalliope 28:2)
Georgia Syribeys, "Kore"** (Kalliope 28:2)
Jana Harris, "A Good Many Brides Today are a Pampered Self-Indulgent Lot"** (Kalliope 28:2)
Dana Ward, "Advanced Guard"**? (Coconut 3)
Todd Colby, "Dawn"** (Coconut 4)
Erin Elizabeth Smith, "Samsara in Illinois"** (Natural Bridge 16)
Thom Ward, "Two Emergencies"** ((Unpleasant Event Schedule)
Ernest Hilbert, "Domestic Situation"** (Unpleasant Event Schedule)
Sarah Vap, "Mark Time"** (Blackbird 5:1)
Ed Skoog, "Bela"** (Blackbird 5:1)
Simeon Berry, "Dear J., I am running low on lurid excess"** (Green Mountains Review 19:2)
Kris Saknussemm, "Winterfast"** (Green Mountains Review 19:2)
Tyler Carter, "Family Dinner"** (American Letters & Commentary 18)
Eric Elshtain, "Contingency Speaks with Virus and They Reach a Chorus"** (American Letters & Commentary 18)
Julia Hartwig, tr. John & Bogdana Carpenter, "Old Fashions"** (NYRB 53:7)
August Kleinzahler, "September"** (LRB 28:15)
Justin Marks, "Increasing Visibility and Relevance"**? (Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks 6)
Kaya Oakes, "Koala**? (Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks 6)
Elizabeth Treadwell, "Ringlet"** (Bird Dog 8)
Curtis Bonney, "Degree of Satisfaction"** (Bird Dog 8)
Roberta Olson, "Vampires and Cigarettes"** (Bird Dog 8)
John Smelcer, "Raven's Trans-Species Love Song"**?? (Circumference 5)
Chris Toll, "Antares Blues"** (Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks 1)
Amy King, "The Art of War with Herself"** (MiPoesias 2006)
Nick Piombino, "The Thought"** (MiPoesias 2006)
Jonah Winter, "Mission Impossible"** (MiPoesias 20:1)
David Petruzelli, "The Bride's Calligraphy"**? (MiPoesias 20:1)
Friedrich Holderlin, tr. Maxine Chernoff & Paul Hoover, "Bread and Wine"** (Slope 23)
Dustin Williamson, "the sub par sub sand wich"** (Dusie 3)
Tim Morris, "House Sitting" (Dusie 3)
Erik Sweet, "Today, Part II"** (No Tell Motel)
Zachary Schomburg, "Scary, No Scary"** (Typo 8)
Nathan Parker, "Playground for a Coming Cold Period"** (Typo 8)
Max Winter, "The Ant"** (No Tell Motel)
Sandra Beasley, "How to Be Cruel"** (No Tell Motel)
Eric Gelsinger, "College Night: the car is a door"** (No Tell Motel)
Angela Woodward, "Danger"** (Diagram 5.6)
Patrick Lawler, "If"**? (Diagram 6.4)
Corinn Adams, "Reykjavik or Prague"**? (Diagram 6.5)
Helen Cho, "Brief Encounters"**? (Spoon River Review 31:2)
David Wojahn, "Tristia: Sam Walton in Hell"** (Crazyhorse 70)
Adam Fell, "At Acadia National Park, the Morning of Peter Jennings' Death"** (Crazyhorse 70)
Suzanne Buffam, "Sir Gromoure Somyr Joure"** (La Petite Zine 18)
Kristina Lucenko, "Wish List"** (La Petite Zine 18)
Donna Reis, "Plumbing and Psychosis"** (Kalliope 28:1)

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