Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Mark Leidner, Beauty Was the Case That They Gave Me (Factory Hollow)
Cancelling my subscription to The Economist
Azkaban (2004)
Tom Scocca, Beijing Welcomes You (Riverhead)
Bill Luoma, Some Math (Kenning)
Lawrence Joseph, The Game Changed (Michigan)
Charles North, What It Is Like (Turtle Point/Hanging Loose)
Ben Somers, Your Sorcerer's Way (Lame House)
Gina Myers, September Requiem (Binge) [2010]
James Longenbach on Eliot's letters in The Nation
Phillip Lopate on Emerson's Journals in Harper's
Bernhard on the Julius Campe prize in Harper's ...
... and Zadie Smith debunking the Bernhard mystique a few issues later
(though I'd prefer to believe Adam Kirsch's account in the NYRB
((and doesn't that photo make TB look like The Donald))).

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