Sunday, November 15, 2009


10. November 26 - December 31

Robert Rodriguez, Shorts
Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors, A New Literary History of America (Harvard)
James Cameron, Avatar
The Sign and Sight round-ups
Janaka Stucky, Your Name Is the Only Freedom (Brave Men)
Nick Lantz, "'Of the Parrat and other birds that can speake,'" Gulf Coast 22:1
Leigh Anne Couch, "If the Eye Were an Animal," Gulf Coast 22:1
Sarah Lindsay, "Sweet Potato God," Gulf Coast 22:1
Mark Jarman, "Sayings," Gulf Coast 22:1
Caroline Knox, "Wildwood Flower," Hanging Loose 95
Jeni Olin, "I Just Burnt My Neck with a Curling Iron, Promise!" Hanging Loose 95
Mark Statman, "Losing Buttons," Hanging Loose 95

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