Sunday, October 04, 2009


9. October 20 - November 25

Jeffrey Skinner, "Event Horizon" (Valparaiso Poetry Review 11:1)
(Also liked: Kirby's "Funny Anything," Biddinger's "Treaty Line,"
Margot Schilpp's and Daisy Fried's poems, and Ali's obviously)
Kent Johnson, "The Fountain Where One's Name Is Changed" (Jacket 35)
The AV Club interview with Bronson Pinchot
James Patterson & Ned Rust, Daniel X: Watch the Skies (Little, Brown)
Adonis, tr. Sawkat Toorawa, "This Is My Name" in A Time Between Ashes and Roses (Syracuse) [2004]
Franklin Bruno, Union Hall
Joan as Police Woman, Knitting Factory
Franklin Bruno, Local Currency (Fayettenam)
Darcie Dennigan, "High and Fine and Wide and Ice" (Absent 4)
Joan as Police Woman, Cover, esp. "Whatever You Like"
Frederick Seidel, "About Motorcycles" (Harpers Nov 2009)
Metric, "Help, I'm Alive"
Dara Wier, Selected Poems (Wave) [2009]
Raekwon, Only Built for Cuban Linx, pt. 2 (Ice H20)
Richard Byrne, "The Last Yugoslav," The Nation, November 16
Katrina vanden Heuvel & Stephen F. Cohen, "Gorbachev on 1989," same issue
Dara Wier, "Identity Theft," that issue too
Sonic Youth, The Eternal (Matador)
Leszek Kolakowski, Modernity on Endless Trial (Chicago) [1990]
David Ferry, tr., Gilgamesh (FSG) [1993]
Rick Snyder, "How Are You Doing?" in Escape from Combray (UDP)
Richard Dorment on Andy Warhol, Charles Simic on Nicholson Baker, Adam Kirsch on
Friedrich Engels, Lawrence Wechsler on David Hockney, Frank Kermode on Dorothy
Wordsworth, and Elizabeth Drew on health care and Obama; NYRB Oct 22.
Kate Greenstreet, The last 4 things (Ahsahta)
Beth Bachmann, Temper (Pittsburgh)
Patrick McGuinness on Lynette Roberts, TLS Nov 4
Peter O'Leary, Benedicite
J.C. on Paul Zukofsky's copywrong, TLS Nov 13
Stefan Collini on academic metrics, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst on Franklin and
other Arctic desaparecedos, Carlo Bajetta on Elizabeth I's translations,
Paul Seabright on consumerism, Tom Bower on oil, same issue
J.C. on Crumb's Genesis, Frances Wilson on Lynn Barber, Helen Hackett on
manuscript verse collections, TLS Nov 6
Alli Warren, Well Meaning White Girl (Mitzvah Chaps)
Luke Mitchell on regulatory capture, Christian Bok on oulipian bacteria, and
David Gargill on PCBs in the Hudson, Harpers December 2009.

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