Monday, April 20, 2009


4. April 22 - May 28

Barbara Morgenstern's album the title of which I am not going to type,
esp. the one about riches and fame
William Logan, Reputations of the Tongue (UFP) [1999]
Gustaf Sobin, Aura: Last Essays (Counterpath)
Aase Berg, tr. Johannes Gorannson, Remainland (Action) [2005]
George Steiner, After Babel (Oxford) [1975]
William Logan, The Undiscovered Country (Columbia) [2005]
Sara Veglahn, Another Random Heart (Letter Machine)
Anselm Berrigan, To Hell with Sleep (Letter Machine)
William Logan, Our Savage Art (Columbia)
Kit Robinson, Train I Ride (BookThug)
John Gallaher, Map of the Folded World {Akron}
Lawrence Venuti, The Translator's Invisibility (Routledge) [1995/2004]
Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Portraits and Elegies (FSG) [1982/1986]
Tony Hoagland, What Narcissism Means to Me (Graywolf) [2003]
Willie Nelson, Nelsonville Music Festival
Nora Daniel's paintings at same
Alphonse Daudet, tr. Laura Ensor, Artist's Wives (Turtle Point)
Tiffany Atkinson's poems in West Branch 64, esp. "According To"
William Jolliff, "Fiddle Lesson at Silverton Grange," West Branch 64
T. Zachary Cotler, poems in West Branch 64
CitiField, standing on the centerfield bridge, eating Blue Smoke ribs
Juliana Spahr, "The Incinerator," Lana Turner 1
Laura Cronk, poems in How 4
Teddy Macker, "The Cockeyed Prayers," Court Green 6
Actually, that whole issue of Court Green, as usual
Trey Sager's poems in Court Green and The Poker 9
And George Stanley's poem about Beauty in The Poker 9
And reading with George and with Chris Nealon at Zinc on May 17
Ali's reading with Lyrae VC-S and Lorna Dee Cervantes at Triptych the next night
Toothpaste 1-3, esp. Darrell Gray, Anselm Hollo, Allan Kornblum, and George Mattingly
Kenneth Koch, Wishes Lies and Dreams (Harper) [1970]
Teaching James's class, from wishes through "Between Walls" by WCW

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