Friday, March 13, 2009


3. March 15 - April 21

Kate Greenstreet, This Is Why I Hurt You (Lame House) [2008]
Rodney Koeneke, Rules for Drinking Forties (Cy Press)
Eugene Marten, In the Blind (Turtle Point) [2003]
Mary Millsap, 6x6 17
Richard Lyons, Cimarron Review 166
Charles Dobzynski, tr. Marilyn Hacker, "Occupation Plan of a Basement" New Letters 75:1
Poor Baby Bree, I Am Going to Run Away, Don't Tell Mama
Fleetwood Mac, Madison Square Garden
Juliet Soskice, Chapters from Childhood (Turtle Point) [1994]
The MIT Museum, especially the work of Arthur Ganson
Garth Greenwell, Beloit Poetry Journal 59:3
Douglas Rothschild, Theogony (Subpress)
Nelson Algren, Never Come Morning (Seven Stories) [1945/1996]
M'bilia Bel, Bel Canto (Sterns) [2007]
Novalis, tr. Ralph Manheim, The Novices of Sais (Archipelago) [2005]
David Larsen (tr.), Names of the Lion (Atticus/Finch)
Jaime Luis HuenĂșn, tr. Daniel Borzutzky, Port Trakl (Action) [2008]
Adam Phillips, Winnicott (Harvard) [1989]
Jean-Luc Godard, 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle [1967]
John Tilbury, John Skempton: Well well, Cornelius (Sony) [2002]
Bedford: Two Poems/Cardew: The Great Learning (DG) [2002]
Theodore Unit, 718 [2005]
Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Twice Born Men esp. "Truth Only Smiles" and "Joy Maker Machinery"
Aase Berg, tr. Johannes Goransson, With Deer (Black Ocean) [2008]
Abraham Lincoln 4
fennesz & sakamoto, cendre
Soft Machine, Third
Super Paper Mario (Nintendo) [2007]
Janet Holmes, The MS of My Kin (Shearsman)
Joan of Arc in her own words (Books & Co/Turtle Point) [1996]
Noelle Kocot, Sunny Wednesday (Wave)
Liz Waldner, Trust (Cleveland State)
Erich Fromm, Man for Himself (Rinehart) [1947]
Jennifer Grotz, "Landscape with Arson," New England Review 30:1
Charles Simic, The Monster Loves His Labyrinth: Journals (Ausable) [2008]
Chris Nealon, Plummet (Edge)
Alvin Curran, Animal Behavior
Joseph Donahue, Terra Lucida (Talisman House, Publishers)
Anselm Berrigan, Have a Good One (Cypress) [2008]
Gerry Mulligan #0, esp. Sylvia Gorelick, Roger Van Voorhees, David Perry,
Anselm Hollo, Aaron Simon, Marcella Durand, Ange Mlinko, and Jennifer Kietzman
Charles North, Complete Lineups (Hanging Loose)
Karen Solie, Pigeon (Anansi)
Patrick Warner, Mole (Anansi)
Mark Halliday, Keep This Forever (Tupelo) [2008]
Tod Marshall, The Tangled Line (Canarium)
Susan Parr, Pacific Shooter (LSU)
Rae Armantrout, Versed (Wesleyan)
Andrew Joron, The Sound Mirror (Flood) [2008]
Keith Ratzlaff's poem about Michelangelo's snowman in Georgia Review 63:1
Renee Gladman, To After That (ToAF) (Atelos) [2008]
Paul Kane, Work Life (Turtle Point) [2007]
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Insen (Raster-Noton) [2005]
Flarf vs. Conceptual Writing, Whitney Museum
Yedda Morrison, Girl Scout Nation (Displaced)
Jonathan Mayhew, Apocryphal Lorca (Chicago)
William Logan, All the Rage (Michigan) [1998]

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