Thursday, December 18, 2008


1. Wasn't Expecting That

Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) [2008]
C.S. Lewis, English Literature of the Sixteenth Century (Oxford) [1954]
Susan Harris, Soap (Columbia/Tri-Star) [1977-1981]
K. Silem Mohammad, "Sonnagrams"
J.P. Donleavy, A Fairy Tale of New York (Atlantic Monthly) [1961]
Cecilia Ager, "Reviews from Variety" in American Movie Critics, ed. Lopate (LoA) [2006]
Peter Pereira, "Transplant" (New England Review 29:4)
World of Goo (2D Boy) [2008]
Nicholas Ray, James Mason & Co, Bigger Than Life [1956]
Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker [1979]
Joseph Bathanti, "Women's Prison" (Shenandoah 58:3)
Nelson Algren, A Walk on the Wild Side (FSG) [1956/1998]
Mary Jo Bang, "The Inferno, Cantos I-V" (New Letters 74:4)
Federico Fellini, La Dolce Vita [1960]
Cordwainer Smith, "Scanners Live in Vain"
A. Van Vogt, "Black Destroyer," "Discord in Scarlet"
Michael Majerus, Sex Wars (Princeton) [2003]
Owen Barfield, Speaker's Meaning (Wesleyan) [1971]

1a. Was

Ash Attala, Graham Linehan & Co, The IT Crowd Season 3 [2008]
Jeremy Enigk, "Been Here Before" and "Cannons" (from World Waits, Lewis Hollow) [2006]
Ange Mlinko, "Year Round" (Poetry Dec 2008)
John Olson, Backscatter (Black Widow) [2008]
Sir Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene [1590/1596]
Mahmoud Darwish, "The Dice Player" (VQR 85:1)
Ange Mlinko, Dan Bouchard, Zinc Bar, 1-18
Poor Baby Bree, Laurie Anderson, "Laurie & Friends," BAM NextStage launch, 1-21
Federico Fellini, Nights of Cabiria [1957]
Isaac Asimov, "Robbie"
Federico Fellini, 8 1/2 [1963]

2. For Future

Caren Scott: Phoebe 37:2
Henry Hart: Phoebe 37:2
Regan Huff: BPJ 59:1
Nicky Beer: Poetry Dec 2008
Susan Varnot: Zone 3 48
Eric Torgersen: Zone 3 48
John Estes: West Branch 63

3. Ignorance Was Bliss

The Fire Theft
The Prisoner
Iain Softley, "Inkheart"
Nelson Algren, Who Lost an American?

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