Saturday, April 05, 2008


Kimberly Lyons, "Eon"
Bill Luoma, "My Trip to New York City"
Dan Bouchard, "Wrackline"
Katy Lederer, "Music, No Staves"
Ange Mlinko, "Pop Song"
Geoffrey Young, "Kathleen"
Christopher Rizzo, "Zone"
Alison Stine, "Scissors, Hammer, Hoofpick, Awl"
Darcie Dennigan, "The New Mothers"
Cate Marvin, "Muckraker"
Maggie Nelson, "A Halo Over the Hospital"
Katie Degentesh, "I Loved My Father"
Bob Hicok, "So I know"
Erica Funkhouser, "Fire Road"
Lawrence Joseph, "The Game Changed"
Anne Pierson Wiese, "How We Memorize"
Sidney Wade, "The Visionary from Apopka"
Jeffrey Harrison, "The Undertaking"


Kenneth Koch, "The Circus" (second version)
Kenneth Koch, "The Boiling Water"
Joseph Ceravolo, "Drunken Winter"
Ted Berrigan, "Tambourine Life"
Philip Whalen, "Scenes of Life at the Capital"
Allen Ginsberg, "Wichita Vortex Sutra"
David Shapiro, "Falling Upwards" b/w "To the Earth"
John Ashbery, "The Skaters"
Laura Moriarty, "L'Archiviste"
Robert Kelly, "After Reading John Ashbery's 'Clepsydra'"
Alice Notley, "Sonnet (The late Gracie Allen...)"
Robert Creeley, "Old Story"

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