Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Geoffrey Young, "Kathleen" (Shiny 14)
John Azrak, "Still Life" (Court Green 5)
Ian Harris, "My Pregnant Wife is an Eastern Oregon Geode" (Court Green 5)
Nate Pritts, "Talk-Talk" (Mustachioed 4)
Ed Roberson, "Sfumato" (Canarium 1)
Alan Gilbert, "Anything Except Charming" (Canarium 1)
Wayne Koestenbaum, "Four Weird Words" (Canarium 1)
Mathias Svalina, "Creation Myth" (American Letters & Commentary 19)
Hsia Yu, tr. Steve Bradbury, "The time has come" (Zoland Poetry 2)
Jan Skacel, tr. Daniela Kukrechtova, "Our Quite Ordinary City" (Circumference 6)
Anon, tr. John Estes, "The Old English Rune Poem" (Circumference 6)
Elizabeth Bernays, "Arthropods Molting" (Fence 10:1/2)
Regan Good, "The Atlantic House" (Fence 10:1/2)
Fanny Howe, "The Latch Key" (Denver Quarterly 42:1)
Kim Chinquee, "Runways" (Phoebe 37:1)
Bruce Smith, "Devotion: Red Roof" (American Poetry Review 37:2)
Ed Skoog, "Like Night Catching Jackrabbits in Its Barbed Wire" (APR 37:2)
Grace Paley, "Sisters" (APR 37:2)
Natan Zach, tr. Peter Cole, "To Put It Differently" (Poetry April 2008)
Imru' Al-Qays, vers. Frederick Seidel, "Mu'allaqa, a tribute" (Poetry April 2008)
Daniel Comiskey, "Godzilla vs Poem X" (Bird Dog 9)
John Olson, "Frankenstein the Fedora" (Bird Dog 9)
Cliff Fyman, "Sardi's" (Hanging Loose 92)
Sharon Mesmer, "Good Sleepin' Weather" (Hanging Loose 92)
Marya Rosenberg, "Sex in the Barracks: Love Poems from West Point" (Hanging Loose 92)
Scott Withiam, "Close" (Agni 67)
Lynn Pedersen, "How to Speak Nineteenth Century" (NER 29:1)
Rafael Campo, "For All the Freaks of the World" (Massachusetts Review 49:1/2)
Ange Mlinko, "A Not Unruffled Surface" (Poetry June 2008)
John Godfrey, "Waiting There" (The Nation, June 23, 2008)
Jessica Greenbaum, "Perfume's Journey" (Bellevue Literary Review 8:1)
Abed Ismael, tr. Issa J. Boullata, "Mirrors of Damascus" (New Letters 74:2)
Dorothy Barresi, "Something in the House Was Beeping" (West Branch 62)
Naomi Shihab Nye, "What Will Happen to You?" (Columbia Poetry Review 21)
Paul Hamill, "Cigar Stub" (Cimarron Review 164)
Rae Armantrout, "Provenance" (Conjunctions 50)
Hoa Nguyen, "You Can Sample" (Fence 11-1)
Nguyen Quoc Chanh, tr. Nguyen Huong, "Native Exhibition" (NAW 26)
Maria Negroni, tr. Anne Twitty, "Art and Fugue XX" (Mandorla 10)
Steve Orlen, “Hurricane” (New England Review 29:3)
Claudia Emerson, "Spring Ice Storm" (VQR 84:4)
Elizabeth Arnold, "Iraqi Boy" (Poetry September 2008)
Erika Meitner, "Massive Destruction" (Shenandoah 58:2)
Sarah Lindsay, "The So-Called Singer of Nab" (Poetry October 2008)
Laura Kasischke, "Hospital parking lot, April" (Poetry October 2008)
Stephen Sandy, "Circular Drives" (Agni 68)
David Trinidad, "Dear Prudence" (Vanitas 3)
Bernadette Mayer, "All Aboard" (The Nation 2008-09-22)
Terese Svoboda, "My Mature Style" (TLS 2008-10-03)
Harry Clifton, "When the Promised Day Arrives" (TLS 2008-10-03)
Anni Sumari, tr. David McDuff, "The sky, Swiss air space, December 30" (Circumference 7)

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