Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BOOKS 2008

1. Deeply Silly

Philip Whalen, Collected Poems (Wesleyan)
John Lyly, Complete Works (Oxford) [1902]

Friends with New Books

K. Silem Mohammad, Breathalyzer (Edge)
Anne Boyer, The Romance of Happy Workers (Coffee House)
Edmund Berrigan, glad stone children (Farfalla)
Garrett Caples, Complications (Meritage) [2007]
Gabriel Gudding, Rhode Island Notebook (Dalkey Archive)
Joel Lewis, Learning from New Jersey (Talisman House, Publishers) [2007]
Gary Sullivan, PPL in a Depot (Roof)
Raymond McDaniel, Saltwater Empire (Coffee House)
Mitch Highfill, Moth Light (Abraham Lincoln)
Kimberly Lyons, Photothérapique (Katalanche/Yoyolabs)
Joseph Donahue, The Copper Scroll (Dos Madres) [2007]
Franklin Bruno, Policy Instrument (Lame House)
Shanna Compton, For Girls & Others (Bloof)
Jess Mynes, If and When (Katalanche)
Anselm Berrigan, Have a Good One (Cy Press)
Dana Ward, The Wrong Tree (Dusie) [2007]
Dana Ward, Goodnight Voice (House)
Mike Hauser, Psychic Headset (Mitzvah)
John Coletti, Same Enemy Rainbow (F&F)
Stephen Paul Miller, Being with a Bullet (Talisman House, Publishers)

2. So Best

Devin Johnston, Sources (Flood)
Kevin Davies, The Golden Age of Paraphernalia (Edge)
Sidney Wade, Stroke (Persea/WWNorton)
Nguyen Do and Paul Hoover, eds., Black Dog, Black Night (Milkweed)
Friedrich Holderlin, tr. Maxine Chernoff & Paul Hoover, Selected Poems (Omnidawn)
Tadeusz Rozewicz, new poems (Archipelago) [2007]
Darcie Dennigan, Corinna, A-Maying the Apocalypse (Fordham)
Chris Vitiello, Irresponsibility (Ahsahta)
Murat Nemet-Nejat, ed., Eda (Talisman House, Publishers} [2004]
Andrew Mister, Hotels (Fewer & Further)
Pierre Reverdy, tr. John Ashbery, Haunted House (TBR/BSE) [2007]

3. Read STAT

Paula Bohince, Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods (Sarabande)
Brenda Coultas, The Marvelous Bones of Time (Coffee House)
John Minczeski, Circle Routes (Akron) [2001]
Paul Hoover, Poems in Spanish (Omnidawn) [2005]
David Huddle, Glory River (LSU)
Philip Lamantia, Tau (City Lights)
Carl Wilson, Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste (33-1/3) [2007]
David Samuels, Only Love Can Break Your Heart (New Press)
Eavan Boland, New Collected Poems (WWNorton)
John Matthias, Kedging (Salt) [2007]
Major Jackson, Leaving Saturn (Georgia) [2002]
Meredith Quartermain, Matter (BookThug)
Diann Blakely, Cities of Flesh and the Dead (Elixir)

4. Just Right

Kyle Dargan, Bouquet of Hungers (Georgia) [2007]
Caroline Knox, Quaker Guns (Wave)
Mary Jo Bang, Elegy (Graywolf) [2007]
Leonard S. Marcus, Minders of Make-Believe (Houghton-Mifflin)
Kevin Miller and Wayne Prufer, eds., New European Poetry (Graywolf)
Elizabeth Bradfield, Interpretive Work (Arktoi/Red Hen)
Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody (Penguin)
Brenda Shaughnessy, Human Dark with Sugar (Copper Canyon)
Julia Cohen, Who Can Forget the Sensational First Evening... (H_NGM_N)
Zachary Schomburg, The Man Suit (Black Ocean) [2007]
Justin Sirois, Secondary Sound (BlazeVOX)
Erica Funkhouser, Earthly (Houghton Mifflin)
Fitz-Greene Halleck, Fanny [1819]
James Tate, The Ghost Soldiers (Ecco)
Ayukawa Nobuo, tr. Shogo Oketani & Leza Lowitz, America & Other Poems (Kaya)
J. Allyn Rosser, Foiled Again (Ivan R. Dee) [2007]
Andrew Zawacki, ed., Afterwards: Slovenian Writing 1945-1995 (White Pine) [1999]
Zhaoming Qian, Ezra Pound's Chinese Friends (Oxford)
Coral Bracho, tr. Forrest Gander, Firefly Under the Tongue (New Directions)
Alex Lemon, Hallelujah Blackout (Milkweed)
Anthony Hawley, Forget Reading (Shearsman)
Jenny Browne, The Second Reason (Tampa)
Venus Khoury-Ghata, tr. Marilyn Hacker, Nettles (Graywolf)
Jessica Fiorini, Sea-Monster at Night (Goodbye Better)
Mark Goldstein, After Rilke: To Forget You Sang (BookThug)
Arlo Quint, Photogenic Memory (Lame House)
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Bantam) [1885]
Chris O. Cook, To Lose & To Pretend (Brooklyn Arts)
Julie Agoos, Property (Ausable)
Peter Oresick, Warhol-o-Rama (Carnegie Mellon)

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