Friday, October 12, 2007

By (mild) popular demand, I am offering for sale a few copies of this summer's Subpoetics Self-Publish or Perish chapbooks.

My Orhan Veli. Versions of the poems of the modernist Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanik (1914-1950), with reference to previous translations by Murat Nemet Nejat and Talat Sait Halman. Composed over one weekend in 2003. As seen on Gabriel Gudding's blog.

49 poems, 52p, $7.

Unlimited Nights and Weekends. Miscellaneous lyrics and deliberate gibberish, 1995-2001.

42 poems, 52p, $7.

When I Was the Subject. Poems in the contemporary sentence-stanza "bowing" manner, 1999-2003. Read the title poem in Boston Review.

22 poems, 44p, $7.

Also available: The Hat.

Issue seven. 2007. 99 poems, one story, 152p, $12.

Issue six. 2005. 142 or 3 poems, 2 or 3 fictions, a comic, 197p, $12.

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