Friday, March 02, 2007

Have you looked at the Denver Quarterly's new masthead? Sara Veglahn and Joshua Marie Wilkinson??? The other quarterlies don't stand a chance, try not to run up the score y'all.

Pixar ought to option Sawako Nakayasu's prose poems:
It turns out that the puddle attracts quite a bit of attention, and ants, whole colonies of ambitious ants and poor ants and lonely ants with nothing to do, seeking a little friendly jostling, hopeful ants and soon even the random passerby ants with no ambition whatsoever have joined in on the action, having been lured in by all the ongoing excitement. It is just this kind of unambitious ant who finally ends, by winning, this made contest of jostling ant matter, and is presented with the car, at which point the ants are now returned to their senses, reminded that this game was a human invention after all, and the car a human-scale car.
Terrific batches of work by veterans Mary Burger and Brenda Coultas. Here's Brenda:
There is a history, in this young man's family, of seeing incredible things. His father had once witnessed a fiery object, size of the town itself, in the sky. In his wallet he carries a newspaper clipping confirming the sighting by hundreds in the county. The newspaper called it a satellite, which his father, my cousin, doubted.

In this same town, on another night, my brother and his wife were sitting at a traffic sign when all around them it suddenly became daylight for 30 seconds. They did not speak about it until the next day when they both said, "Did you see that?"
Mark Salerno transmutes some open form sonnets into noirish fizz:
because they washed up like two-drink minimum poor immigrants

without the alphabet and within earshot of the gold rush

she repeated the word free in the ruse of bra logic

amid gaudy patter farfetched ambition and the transformative other

as if someone just wrote the word odalisque on her ass
Best thing, though is Noah Saterstrom's essay on amateur art -- a grand slam:
An elderly woman uses the nice paper and color pens she was given by her son and makes a drawing of a crucifixion with an inspirational quote in calligraphy.

A forty-year-old plumber paints a picture of a lion, or a car, or a wizard. He does not show his paintings to anyone, but when one of his friends comes by unannounced while he is painting he is not made fun of. His friend says it is cool and the next year he enters a painting in the State Fair Art Competition. It is an acrylic painting of an orange cheetah on a black background.

Someone paints a picture of two children, one white and one black, holding hands and running toward the sea. The white child also holds a shovel, the black child, a bucket. They are running, but they have the bodies of newborns. The white child is a flat vanilla color and the black child is dark and shiny, like a river stone. The red sun is setting into a gray ocean.
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