Friday, March 16, 2007

For most of us, though, it isn't hard to answer David Orr's question about whether The New Yorker has "given up on poetry" as something more than a "brand-enhancing commodity." It's the same answer one would give if asked about the New York Times Book Review (as Orr might know better than most, being nearer to it).

That's Steve Evans, by the way.


Rod is reading in Ontario.


Department of More Like It: Shawn Green hit a home run, Lastings Milledge stole a base, and Oliver Perez struck out nine Red Sox in five innings -- Ortiz and Ramirez twice each.


I hate Daylight Savings Time but this February and March have been better than any I can remember. I assume the credit for the improvement goes to the one who helps me notice what feels less-than-ideal. God I love her.

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