Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let me tell you somethin'. Bustin' makes me feel good.

I am totally going to this ASLian Poetry-Storytelling Night on March 19.

March 26 -- guests include Buck Downs, Nicole Renaud, and at least one more.

So -- remember that Ray Parker Jr.-Huey Lewis plagiarism case? Why didn't the Eurythmics stage one against Corey Hart? Because music is fundamentally imitative. (Either that, or Annie and Dave were just classier than Huey & co.)

Music is so imitative it's a practically a feedback loop. Somebody steals your act, yes they're eating your lunch, but it's flattery flattery flattery. The pre-show cd with the Zombie's "She's Not There," I left it on my desk. Guess which song the guy in the sound booth played anyway, totally unprompted -- hint, it wasn't Perry Como's "Chi-Baba Chi-Baba." And what would the Zombies have been without the Beatles?

Poetry is the same thing, or my name isn't Erich Auerbach. Discuss.

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