Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I remember smiling at the scene in Ray in which they decide to split "What'd I Say" over both sides of the 45, but yeah, the flip-break on "Shout" is undeniably hot.

Jury's still out on the print version, but I may well always heart Diesel Sweeties online.

Nine more days until the Mets' pitchers & catchers report (they start a day later than everybody else -- that's all the head-start they're giving). The equipment van left for Florida on Monday.

Gabe has posted one of my favorites among his recent work.

On the subway this morning I started reading Effing contrib Judith Kroll's first collection, In the Temperate Zone:
The Man Who's Against Everything Appears on T.V.

What kind of house is his mind like?
It would have a stuffed
on the living-room wall.
And a deer-head
in the hallway, by the door.
And one in the basement, near the bar.
And three in the bedroom
of his three small children:
baby deer for baby children.
Publication date: 1973.

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