Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I asked Ali to name for me without looking at the table of contents ten poems of James Wright for me to re-read:
  • The Old WPA Swimming Pool
  • In Response to the Rumor that the Oldest Whorehouse in Wheeling, W.Va Was Closed
  • The Branch Will Not Break
  • St. Judas
  • The Blessing
  • Autumn Begins in Martin's Ferry, Ohio
  • Beautiful Ohio
  • The Scar (not the title, but something like that)
  • Hook
  • Green Wall
Then I asked her for a second list, this time looking:
  • All the Beautiful Are Blameless
  • The Accusation
  • At the Executed Murderers' Grave
  • Goodbye to the Poetry of Calcium
  • Two Hangovers (called The Branch Will Not Break on the list from memory)
  • Having Lost My Sons I Confront the Wreckage of the Moon
  • A Poem About Breasts
  • The Old WPA Swimming Pool in Martin's Ferry, Ohio
  • On the Liberation of Woman
  • She's Awake
I was surprised by the sudden discussion of revision and prosody in "She's Awake." I find I have to sit with Wright's poems for a long time before I can move on to the next. I'm so used to -- trained to -- consume poems, burn through them, look for the irreducible spark doubting its presence. These read differently.

I've been working on a reception model building on my back-and-forth with Jonathan. It may involve diagrams -- we'll see.

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