Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Annie Lennox is classy as hell, sure, but with an edge, and as Frank Sinatra could have told you, edge and class are an ambiguous combination.

100-percent edge-free class? Christine McVie. Even Anita Baker is edgier. God I love their musics, the both of them. Does it get any better than "Got a Hold on Me"? I defy you to show me anything finer, short, of course, of sharing a cold one looking at a sunset from an atoll.

Now that I think of it, this letter from Stifled Yawn to Kenneth Koch may be as pleasant to read as it is soothing to listen to "The Legendary Christine Perfect" with the windows in your Tercel half-way down, doing about 72 on the Taconic. It's a shame there are only two o's in soothing.

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