Thursday, January 25, 2007

So. (Don't click if you haven't seen 3x10!)

On the down side -- if their intense is a sure A- and a possible A+, their cute is still at best a B+. Not enough Weevil. No Tim Foil -- but surely he's a suspect?

On the plus side -- Mac gets a subplot and a love interest, Piz and Parker finally seem like real characters, and vis-a-vis Veronica's attitude toward Logan, well, that seems 100% true-to-the-life of a bright willful flawed frosh. Fun to see Keith flounder a little wrt Landry. Excellent that Veronica backed away from her rigid sense of the rules -- but then, 25 was the cutest thing I've seen on tv in a long long time. If the arc of this half of the season has to do with relative moral claims vis a vis truth and life, then to quote the series' first guest star, that's hot.

SIDE NOTE TO CARL: I am 75% certain that Barenaked Ladies blip was inserted specifically to torment you.

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