Monday, January 22, 2007

A lot worth inspecting closely in the new Bird Dog, especially a very short lyric by Elizabeth Treadwell and eerie/goofy work by Curtis Bonney and Roberta Olson. A characteristic sentence in the Bonney: "A cabbage-colored group, we left for Canada." Olson writes similarly crisp sentences, but her phrasing relies more on oh you know internal rhyme: "A snail trails across the concrete / A boatload of cloves sails for Bombay." Menace and unheimlich familiarity without grotesquerie and sloppiness. (I don't think I've seen Olson's name since Steve Carll was publishing Antenym.) Tyrone Williams's piece on Elizabeth Willis's Meteoric Flowers made me want to reread Willis's book and to seek out Williams's prose.

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