Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's idle speculation on my part, but I share in the widespread perception that, like politics at a medium-size state's legislature, say, poetry lacks transparency -- a grudge, once elicited in the wrong person, can lead to not at all random ostracism for decades. Ron Silliman calls it "history." Politics. Same thing.

It's not any one person's job to cure a sick culture, thank goodness. And what do I lose by speaking up, a five thousand dollar prize? I just want my name.

Speaking of speaking up, I've been meaning to say something about Janet Holmes's turn to drive the Poetry Foundation's blog. I envy her carel in the Idaho Supreme Court building. I see what she means about that Donald Justice speech. Could stand to hear more about her life in business before she started teaching.

It feels odd to be blogging when I'm nearly (knock on wood) anxiety-free. Happy. Preoccupied with something altogether else than poetry.

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