Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Along with several other fine poems (er, scroll down on that one), H_NGM_N 6 includes a poem that rivals "Muckraker" for my favorite of the year so far: Christopher Rizzo's "Zone":
Space available -- on a roll networks -- we deliver for you

speedy world -- 1 hour spirits -- variety --

temporary oasis and Park Place custom --

you are here -- preventative maintenance

and clean machines -- try to breakdown concrete --

heart motel -- Grape St. -- the friendly winds --

surveying -- gaming -- donate life --

shaker exotic -- no no through traffic --

wild spirit liberty machine shop --

Francis Ave. -- drop ahead -- pass not do -- 5% grade --

impeach the chimp -- I am pagan

and I vote -- why don't more people wear capes?

Grove rock falling -- welcome

to the Empire State -- handheld brickyard --
The endnote says "Happy Birthday to Frank O'Hara" but this reminds me more of WCW circa Della Primavera Trasportata al Morale. (Maybe it reminds me a little of my own out-the-window/out-to-lunch poems too...)

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