Sunday, December 10, 2006

BOOKS 2007

1. All-time high score
David Shapiro, Selected Poems (Overlook)
Marco Polo, tr. William Marsden, Travels (Modern Library) [1298]
Dashiell Hammett, Five Novels (Get it on the street for five bucks)

Keep checking the mail
Ange Mlinko, The Children's Museum (Prefontaine/Ryan Murphy's One-Shots)

Carry a spare to give to a friend
Richard Wirick, One Hundred Siberian Postcards (Telegram)
Susan Barnes, Earthquake (Turtle Point)
Jean Grosjean tr. Keith Waldrop, An Earth of Time (Burning Deck)
David Lawrence, Lane Changes (Four Way)
Victor Hernandez Cruz, The Mountain in the Sea (Coffee House) [2006]
Rod Smith, Deed (Iowa)
Laynie Browne, Daily Sonnets (Counterpath)
Maggie Nelson, Something Bright, then Holes (The Late Great Soft Skull)
Zack Hample, Watching Baseball Smarter (Vintage)
Ed Allen, 67 Mixed Messages (Ahsahta) [2006]
Kaya Oakes, Telegraph (Pavement Saw)

Keep by the bed
Cathy Park Hong, Dance Dance Revolution (WW Norton)
Leslie Bumstead, Cipher/Civilian (Edge) [2005]
Ben Friedlander, The Missing Occasion of Saying Yes (Subpress)
David Cook, Robot Building for Beginners (Apress) [2002]
Joanne Kyger, Strange Big Moon (North Atlantic) [1981, 2000]
Nada Gordon, Folly (Roof)
CA Conrad, The Frank Poems (Ypolita)
Christopher Rizzo, The Breaks (Fewer & Further)
David Trinidad, The Late Show (Turtle Point)
Richard Garcia, The Persistence of Objects (BOA)
Juliana Spahr, The Transformation (Atelos)
Robert Pinsky, History of My Heart (Ecco) [1984]
Mary Kinzie, California Sorrow (Knopf)

Keep in the room
Terence Winch, Boy Drinkers (Hanging Loose)
Rae Armantrout, Next Life (Wesleyan)
Charles North, Cadenza (Hanging Loose)
Bob Hicok, This Clumsy Living (Pitt)
Ron Padgett, How to Be Perfect (Coffee House)
Rachel Zucker, The Bad Wife Handbook (Wesleyan)
Alice Notley, Grave of Light (Wesleyan)
Robert Pinsky, An Explanation of America (Princeton) [1979]
Eileen Myles, Sorry, Tree (Wave)
Franz Wright, Earlier Poems (Knopf)
Bill Berkson & Bernadette Mayer, What's Your Idea of a Good Time? (Tuumba)
Peter Gizzi, The Outernationale (Wesleyan)
Max Winter, The Pictures (Tarpaulin Sky)
Paul Violi, Overnight (Hanging Loose)
Del Ray Cross, Lub Luffly (Pressed Wafer)
Eric Gamalinda, Amigo Warfare (Cherry Grove)
Dale Smith, Black Stone (Effing)
Tom Raworth, Caller (Edge)
Elaine Equi, Ripple Effect: New & Selected (Coffee House)
Ron Silliman, The Age of Huts, compleat (California)
Anne Pierson Wiese, Floating City (LSU)
Catherine Meng, Tonight's the Night (Apostrophe)
Janine Pommy Vega, The Green Piano (Black Sparrow/Godine) [2005]
Laura Kasischke, Lilies Without (Ausable)
Tony Tost, Complex Sleep (Iowa)
G.C. Waldrep, Disclamor (BOA)

If there's a coffee table
Allegra Goodman, Intuition (Dial) [2006]
Joseph Roth, The Radetzky March (Overlook) [1932/1983]
Joseph Roth, What I Saw (WWNorton) [2002]
Gregory Pardlo, Totem (Copper Canyon)
Alice Notley, In the Pines (Penguin)
Joanne Kyger, About Now: Collected Poems (NPF)
Michael Chabon, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (Wm Morrow) [1988]
Dustin Williamson, Cab Ass'n (Lamehouse)
Buck Downs/Chris Toll, Recreational Vehicle/Be Light (Atomic)
Dan Hoy, Outtakes (Lamehouse)
Chris Glomski, Transparencies Lifted from Noon (Meeting Eyes) [2005]
Matthea Harvey, Modern Life (Graywolf)
Joshua Marie Wilkinson, lug your careless body out of the careful dusk (Iowa)
Bob Hicok, Insomnia Diary (Pitt) [2004]
Bob Hicok, Animal Soul (Invisible Cities) [2001]
Andrew Hudgins, The Glass Hammer (Houghton Mifflin) [1995]
Robert Pinsky, The Want Bone (HarperCollins) [1991]
Lynda Hull, Collected Poems (Graywolf) [2006]
Frederick Seidel, Area Code 212 (FSG) [2002]
CS Carrier, Lyric (Horseless)
Ross Wiler, Fun Being Me (CavanKerry) [2006]
Kate Northrop, Things Are Disappearing Here (Persea)
Alena Hairston, The Logan Topographies (Persea)
Joe Wenderoth, No Real Light (Wave)
Jenna Cardinale, Four Hands (Big Game)
Matthew Langley, Letters Toward Jim (Catfish)
Steve Orlen, The Elephant Child: New and Selected Poems 1978-2005 (Ausable) [2006]
Joshua Corey, Selah (Barrow Street) [2003]
Robert Wrigley, Earthly Meditations: New and Selected Poems (Penguin)
James Longenbach, Draft of a Letter (Chicago)
Jana Harris, We Never Speak of It (Ontario) [2003]
Jessica Smith, Organic Furniture Cellar (Outside Voices) [2006]
Sarah Rosenblatt, One Season Behind (Carnegie Mellon)
Steve Fellner, Blind Date with Cavafy (Marsh Hawk)
Lesle Lewis, Landscapes I & II (Alice James) [2006]
Daniel Tiffany, Puppet Wardrobe (Parlor) [2006]
Laurie Kutchins, Slope of the Child Everlasting (BOA)
Angela Ball, Night Clerk at the Hotel of Both Worlds (Pitt)
Nathan Kernan, Lunch. A Poem (Pressed Wafer)
Jules Boykoff, Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badget (Edge) [2006]

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