Wednesday, November 08, 2006

While I'm on the subject of totally stupid webweb games, what about that old chestnut of trying random words as blogspot toplevel domains?

There is nothing I love more than walking through the mall on Valentine's Day. Seriously, nothing. Not even bubble wrap. Or comfortable bras. The ones that don't chafe your nips. I love it THAT much.

Between the woman hysterically crying into her phone and screaming "I LOVE YOU TOO BABY I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT I BOUGHT NEW UNDERWEAR AND I MADE PUDDING AND I...

Here's equality:

Today, I realised that i want a beautiful woman and I am intolerant of imperfections. I couldn't bring myself to ask Karen to be my girlfriend because she has an overjet. Much like I didn't take Leslie any further because of her deep voice. My expectations are quite high. Problem is is that many of those who are nice etc already have boyfriends and are partygoers, which is unlike me. Hence, Alicia and Huong are not achievable for me.

How about armada?

In the meantime, I feel I owe you something, so here's the opener I wrote for an online debate.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (as long as your fake IDs are in order), This House Believes That It Will Have Another Pint.

Ok, that's a rap:

Steven Spieldberg has made a very inspiring film about the palestinian/israeli conflict, depicting both sides of the conflict while illuminating us of the events...

Total tool turns out to be about college Republicans. Craptastic managed two lines before giving up, but on the plus side there's a link to Davenetics, your source for news on the Seattle lapdancing ban vote, as well as info about the plastic trash vortex menace out in the Pacific. The size of Texas.

Seriously. This could be the next "Overheard in Blah Blah" blog idea. It's yours for $3.95. What do you say.

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