Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who's the guest at Wednesday's The Million Poems Show, anyway?
Bob Holman.
Ah. Anything musical happening?
Franklin Bruno's the house band. This thing Megabeak is playing too.
What's the where when.
Six-thirty sharp, Wednesday 11 October, Bowery Poetry Club, 1st and Bowery.
And then what happens?
Baseball. NLCS 1. Then we get on a plane and do it all over again in Chicago, Full Force Galesburg, and Normal.
Wait, Bob's flying with you guys?
It's me and Franklin. New guests each time. In Chicago we get Gabe Gudding, Jim Behrle, and Wayne Marshall.

In Galesburg it's Jasper Bernes, Karl Parker, and Karen Anderson.

And in Normal, Gina Franco and Joe Amato.
Wow. So, uh, what happens on the show, anyway.
You know, poetry b.s...
You mean it's good for me?
I wouldn't say that.

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