Friday, October 27, 2006

Plowing through the stack of unread books. Nice things tucked away in the new ones by Alex Lemon and Patrick Rosal. The one that's making me happiest is Juniper Prize winner Allan Peterson, who loads every rift with a kind of ore I rather like:
To say it right you would have to gather the printers of Meriden Connecticut and of Basel
paper makers from Twin Rocker ink grinders cuttlefish and soy
metalflake lapis suspended in oil
typecutters calligraphers applicators rubricators floralized reps
from tattoo parlors who are talking pictures
You would use only small letters since you mean soft and intimate
use plain water but natural not tap
that with spat and barnacles nauplia zoea zooplankters hydroids
more varied than intruding vessels from science fiction...

(from "From the Heart")
A little more Marianne Moore than Ange Mlinko, but surely you recognize those both as admirable parameters, yes?

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