Friday, October 20, 2006

Is it just me or are the drolleristas at No Rock&Roll Fun getting good at market analysis:

Exhibit A: Conspiracy theorists - they don't want to be named, of course - whisper in our ears that it's kind of funny that Universal started to fire off lawsuits against other video sharing services this week; almost as if they knew they were about to have a more direct interest in closing down YouTube competitors. "It could be that Google have found a copper-bottomed way of getting someone else to fund the fight to take out the opposition" said the theorist, but then had to go in for his tea as his Mam was calling him.

Exhibit B: So, it's a format that has none of the advantages of CD - you need a computer to play the track, you can't just stick it into your car dashboard and hear it - and all the disadvantages - physical, needs to be shifted round the country, resource-hungry, have to be manufactured before the actual demand can be gauged. Yeah, that's going to catch on.

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