Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So, you may have been wondering, what's it like, this "Million Poems Show," this "poetry talk show" I keep talking about. Now you can find out from the comfort of your cubicle.

This clip is from the January 11 show, Meghan Cleary and Mary Lee Kortes, guests. JJ plays the excellent theme song, I do a jig, introduce the guests, relate some then-current news of poetry in the world, JJ and I spontaneously assemble a speed acrostic ("Emus Move Under Lock And Tether Eachother"), I exhort the audience to "give it up for the words," and I read my last poem of 2005. Six minutes, 18 mb or so. (Related: JJ playing "Music" with Jen Hammaker's theremin solo is here.)

Jordan - #




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