Friday, January 20, 2006

So, I've only been listening for two years (if) but hasn't Cam' always been about going straight for totally wack and turning out realer than fly fishing? Facing up, those singles dropped to iTunes from Killa Season -- magic-markered -- as if he's been listening to the "Cam = Seuss" publicity, or maybe he's going

He points to some scribbled words on the canvas.

... Can you... decipher this for us?


Yes. What do they... stand for?

They're just words.

Yes, I understand - but where do you take
them from?

Where? Do you ask Miles where he got that note from? Where do you take your words from?

(pointing to a detail)
What are they?

(smiling mischievously)
Leeches. A long list of leeches.

OK that is as corny as you can get without actually paying someone to break the crockery for you. Speaking of, what about the no-tell shooting?

In conclusion, Cam's sense of rap publicity moves is as chaotic -- as totally move-based -- as his flow. He really doesn't care what you think his clothes look like, his words sound like, how his beefs look. He's from where Nicky Barnes got rich as. He just wants you to look. Worked on me.

UPDATE: Sources want to put this on Dame. Yeah could be, Killa's felt the need to play number two since the intro track on Fire... Anyway I'm suspending judgment till we find out where exactly Jay was wearing the mandals -- St. Tropez, okay; Knickside, not so much.

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