Monday, January 30, 2006

Sasha muses on American epistemology, "what there is in the broader culture that predisposes people to feel like frauds, and whether that weakens them significantly when it comes to making real judgments about truth and lies."

Love though I do the fancy French talking, I myself think this is much less complex more mytho-historically grounded: Oprah is Barnum, Americans love crazy shit but hate to see the man behind the curtain, Frey is get that spinach by any means. It's not a hoax, it's choreography.

If the crazy shit is made up, my kid could do that, therefore I am putting those dollars toward some other cool toy. If the crazy shit is real, then it is "magic." And the man behind the magic is "special," i.e. superior, therefore yes I can fork over twelve dollars to hear about the Man Who Had No Anesthesia During Dentistry. Or vote Republican. Or listen to NPR read the Times whatever. But now I am getting back to the French subjects: power and knowledge.

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