Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jessica Hopper, don't ever change:
All those shots of the rain and people rolling in the grass are strong enough to get you drunk, persuasive and as manipulative as anything Von Trier gets accused of. Except Von Trier would make us feel much worse about those lingering shots of young Pochahontas' svelte form, Malick tricks us into some idea that appreciating her beauty is like appreciating the beauty of the reedy shore, which we are also treated many long, dallying shots of. I mean, sure, it is, but this is America 2006 and we know better about tits taking up an entire movie screen is about. Alas, New World was 80% people walking slow in the forest feeling romantic. I take no issue with that, especially when it comes as a 2 hour distraction midwinter, as the sidewalks outside my hour are crusted with ice and dogshit and trash from the last thaw.

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