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[Beginning December 1, 2005]

2006 Media Guide (Mets, 2006)
Robert Adamson, The Goldfinches of Baghdad (Flood, 2006)
Ed Allen, 67 Mixed Messages (Ahsahta, 2006)
A.R. Ammons, Ommateum, with Doxology (Norton, 2006)
Sarah Arvio, Sono (Knopf, 2006)
Charles Baudelaire, tr. Keith Waldrop, The Flowers of Evil (Wesleyan, 2006)
Joshua Beckman, Shake (Wave, 2006)
Erin Belieu, Black Box (Copper Canyon, 2006)
Anselm Berrigan, Some Notes on My Programming (Edge, 2006)
Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems (California, 2006)
Brandon Brown, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness (Cy Press, 2006)
Stephen Burt, Parallel Play (Graywolf, 2006)
Stuart Calton, The Corn Mother (Barque, 2006)
Ashley Capps, Mistaking the Sea for Green Fields (Akron, 2006)
Steve Carll, Tracheal Centrifuge (Factory School, 2006)
Michael Casey, Cindi's Fur Coat (Chuckwagon, 2006)
Wayne Chambliss, The Traveling Salesman Problem (The Caitlins, 2006)
Dan Chiasson, Natural History (Knopf, 2005)
Carson Cistulli, Assorted Fictions (Chuckwagon, 2006)
Tom Clark, Light & Shade: New and Selected Poems (Coffee House, 2006)
Joshua Clover, The Totality for Kids (California, 2006)
Robert Cording, Common Life (CavanKerry, 2006)
Joshua Corey, Compostition Marble (Pavement Saw, 2006)
MTC Cronin, The Ridiculous Shape of Longing (blesok, 2005)
MTC Cronin, [More or Less Than] 1-100 (Shearsman, 2004)
Christina Davis, Forth a Raven (Alice James, 2006)
Katie Degentesh, The Anger Scale (Combo, 2006)
Linh Dinh, Borderless Bodies (Factory School, 2006)
Taylor Doherty, Bodhidarma Never Came to Hatboro (Bootstrap, ?)
Matt ffytche, What Fell Out in Life (Barque, 2006)
Sarah Fox, Because Why (Coffee House, 2006)
Daisy Fried, My Brother Is Getting Arrested Again (Pitt, 2006)
Benjamin Friedlander, Silk Flowers by Nada Gordon (Slack Buddha, 2006)
Joanna Fuhrman, Moraine, (Hanging Loose, 2006)
Ryan Gallagher, Plum Smash and Other Flashbulbs (Bootstrap, 2005)
Tess Gallagher, Dear Ghosts,, (Graywolf, 2006)
Jesse Glass, The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems (West House/Ahadada, 2006)
Ray Gonzalez, Consideration of the Guitar (BOA, 2005)
Noah Eli Gordon and Sara Veglahn, That We Come to a Consensus (UDP, 2005)
Edith Grossman, The Golden Age: Poems of the Spanish Renaissance (Norton, 2006)
David Gruber, If By Sea (Tempest Books*, 2006)
Camille Guthrie, In Captivity (Subpress, 2006)
Thomas Heise, Horror Vacui (Sarabande, 2006)
James Heller Levinson, ToxiCity: POEMS of the Coconut Vulva (Howling Dog, 2005)
Kira Henehan, Seven Palms (Fungo, 2006)
Brian Henry, Quarantine (Ahsahta, 2006)
Robert Hershon, Calls from the Outside World (Hanging Loose, 2006)
Greg Hewett, The Eros Conspiracy (Hanging Loose, 2006)
Scott Hightower, Part of the Bargain (Copper Canyon, 2005)
Rick Hilles, Brother Salvage (Pitt, 2006)
John Hodgen, Grace (Pitt, 2006)
Amy Holman, An Insider's Guide to Creative Writing Programs (Prentice Hall, 2006)
Elizabeth James, Base to Carry (Barque, 2004)
Karla Kelsey, Knowledge, Forms, the Aviary (Ahsahta, 2006)
bill kennedy / darren wershler-henry, apostrophe (ECW, 2006)
Aaron Kiely, The Best of My Love (UDP, 2005)
Jennifer Knox, A Gringo Like Me (Soft Skull, 2005)
Noelle Kocot, Poem for the End of Time (Wave, 2006)
Wayne Koestenbaum, Best-Selling Jewish Porn Films (Turtle Point, 2006)
Yusef Komunyakaa, Gilgamesh, a Verse Play (Wesleyan, 2006)
Laurie Lamon, The Fork Without Hunger (CavanKerry, 2005)
Denizé Lauture, The Black Warrior and Other Poems (Subpress, 2006)
David Dodd Lee, Arrow Pointing North (Four Way, 2002)
David Dodd Lee, Downsides of Fish Culture (New Issues, 1997)
Mark Levine, The Wilds (California, 2006)
Joel Lewis, The Tasks of the Youth Leagues (Oasis, 2005)
Ada Limon, Lucky Wreck, (Autumn House, 2006)
Reb Livingston & Molly Arden, eds., The Bedside Guide to... No Tell Motel (No Tell, 2006)
Lisa Lubasch, Twenty-One After Days (Avec, 2006)
Carlos M. Luis & Derek White, Ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos (Calamari, 2005)
Michael Magee, Morning Constitutional (Spencer/Handwritten, 2001)
Sarah Manguso, Siste Viator (Four Way, 2006)
Peter Manson, For the Good of Liars (Barque, 2006)
Anthony McCann, Moongarden (Wave, 2006)
Richard Meier, Shelley Gave Jane a Guitar (Wave, 2006)
David Michalski, Cosmos & Damian (Bootstrap, 2005)
Carol Mirakove, Mediated (Factory School, 2006)
Agi Mishol, tr. Lisa Katz, Look There (Graywolf, 2006)
Steve Mueske, ed., Digerati: 20 Contemporary Poets in the Virtual World (3 Candles, 2006)
Paul Muldoon, ed., Best American Poetry 2005 (Scribners, 2005)
Ryan Murphy, Down with the Ship (Otis, 2006)
Dave Newman, Midnight (Chuckwagon, 2006)
Richard Jeffrey Newman, The Silence of Men (CavanKerry, 2006)
Mel Nichols, Day Poems (Edge, 2005)
Alice Notley, Grave of Light: Selected Poems (Wesleyan, 2006)
Gregory Orr, Concerning the Book That Is the Body of the Beloved (Copper Canyon, 2005)
Jacqueline Osherow, The Hoopoe's Crown (BOA, 2005)
Maureen Owen, Erosion's Pull (Coffee House, 2006)
Ted Pelton, Malcolm & Jack (Spuyten Duyvil, 2006)
Barbara Ras, One Hidden Stuff (Penguin, 2006)
Felipe Benitez Reyes, tr. Aaron Zaritzky, Probable Lives (BOA, 2006)
David Rivard, Sugartown (Graywolf, 2006)
Patrick Rosal, My American Kundiman (Persea, 2006)
Gerhard Roth, The Will to Sickness (Burning Deck, 2006)
Mary Ruefle, A Little White Shadow (Wave, 2006)
Andrew Schelling, Two Elk (Boostrap, 2005)
Jason Schneiderman, Sublimation Point (Four Way, 2004)
Brian Kim Stefans, What Does It Matter? (Barque, 2005)
Marjorie Stelmach, A History of Disappearance (Tampa, 2006)
Nathalie Stephens, Touch to Affliction (Coach House, 2006)
Ann Stephenson, Wirework (Tent, 2006)
James Thomas Stevens * Caroline Sinavaiana, Mohawk / Samoa: Transmigrations (Subpress, 2005)
Aaron Tieger & Jess Mynes, Coltsfoot Insularity (Fewer & Further, 2005)
Elizabeth Treadwell, Cornstarch Figurine (Dusie, 2006)
Natasha Tretheway, Native Guard (Houghton Mifflin, 2006)
Chase Twichell, Dog Language (Copper Canyon, 2005)
Shanxing Wang, Mad Science in Imperial City (Futurepoem, 2005)
Dana Ward, New Couriers (Dusie, 2006)
Jack Wiler, Fun Being Me (CavanKerry, 2006)
Elizabeth Willis, Meteoric Flowers (Wesleyan, 2006)
Christian Wiman, Hard Night (Copper Canyon, 2005)
Allyssa Wolf, Vaudeville (Otis, 2006)
Robert Wrigley, Earthly Meditations (Penguin, 2006)
David Young, Black Lab (Knopf, 2006)


Angie Estes, Chez Nous (Oberlin, 2005)
David Hadbawnik, SF Spleen (Skanky Possum, 2006)
Shafer Hall & Maureen Thorson, Villanelles are Retarded (Big Game, 2006)
Larry Kearney, Passion (Transmission, 2006)
Geraldine Kim, Povel (Field, 2005)
Stefanie Marlis, Cloudlife (Apogee, 2005)
Farid Matuk, Is It the King? (Effing, 2006)
David Meiklejohn, Plots (Effing, 2004)
Andrew Mister & Anthony Robinson, Here's To You (boku, 2006)
Robin Robertson, Slow Air (Harcourt, 2002)
Tim Seibles, Buffalo Head Solos (CSU, 2004)

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