Monday, December 19, 2005

Nick has the bohemianism discussion resources.

Daddy Capital keeps coming in for his kicks.

What if that isn't the enemy, what if it's false inflated forms of mastery, the veneer of quote unquote competence, both in the forms of going-along-with and opposing-opposing-opposing.

The dress of success, the jargon of authenticity.

The should must and only then.

UPDATE: Frontchannel and back, it's clear I'm too terse here.

We know what arbeit makes.

I was in some airports. Businessmen went by, and businesswomen. Knowledge workers went by too. And musicians.

It was difficult to watch. I got a complimentary shoeshine from a man with the word "Gary" on his shirt. Pound would have liked him, he made my shoes new.

I didn't know anything about the people streaming by. I knew statistically some large part of them had to be what is disparagingly called middle management. I know how anybody becomes that, and what it feels like.

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