Saturday, August 06, 2005

So, the Battle of Indie Rock comes down to this:
1) Musicianship, and
2) Intensity.
I'm paraphrasing. It actually was stated like so:
"Mofos can't sing!" and "Iggy Pop!..."
There. Was that so painful? Is it arguable? No, and no.

Some problems: after Dylan, mofos don't have to sing. It would be nice, Laetitia Sadier, if mofos did some ear training and sang on pitch. Or at least were sharp and not flat. Further desiderata, um everybody from Yo La to Mt. Goat, I don't know! I just wish I could give your records to people I love and not have them say, yeah, those were good songs, I just wish I didn't have to hear those voices singing them. This is more about these other people than it is about you, though.

I like excellent musicians, too. I'm related to some, I've been in love with at least one. (Pissed her off when I impugned her intonation -- once, for one note.) I can't approve only the experience of intense people and genius performers, though. That way lies Klonopin. One-to-fucking-one correlation.

So maybe John Dewey was full of crap, art isn't experience, and we're not getting anywhere trying to imagine into existence a sustainable art. Flowers don't go around trying to bloom until they're 80, except for the ones that do. Maybe art is make a big-ass splash and retire to the hills, or rather, maybe that's where the pendulum is right now.

Except, no.

Everyone has the right to make music. Ejudicated music-scenes are for suckas who want abusive capellmeisters to tell them what's working. Surprise, the world is 95% sucka, 5% capellmeister.

I hear this unfinished anti-Indie screed as a call to those who would take their music to a place apart: who would insist on being judged on their own terms: to step it up, don't ramble, don't whine, focus. Don't think you can get away with claiming to be TOO GOOD for everyone; don't court attention then hide from it. Competition leads to collaboration leads to excellence.

Lead. Lead or get out the way.

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