Thursday, August 11, 2005

Franklin rebuts: "S'about race, class, and normative privlege" -- and yes, he did introduce this midwife to that non-Fromme.

What, though -- what's about race, class, and normative privilege, all of which are suddenly sounding to me like monolithic myths that we use to occlude ourselves from experience we don't want to work our way into. All day (here on the edge of Easthampton) I keep remembering Diddy started as a semi-inept concert promoter.

You get the frame of reference you set for yourself (touch wood). If you want to be on tv, you end up on tv. If you want to be on the stereo, bully for you. By all means, DIY. But D as much of I as Y can imagine.

I've seen a lot of good shows this year, and the most hair-raisingly great performance was Franklin's (with JJ on backup) at my show. Gotta get that podcast working. Gotta get this next season ready!

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