Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday Funnies: Can you find the twelve awesome items in this post?

The only who sees Dakota Fanning for who she really is.

Jonathan gangs up (with me) on the unfunny Poetry humor issue -- no offense to Jeffery, whose voracious, enthusiastic reading reports get me through all kinds of days.

Joshua/Jane points up the real function of biography -- to flatter the prevailing worldview. (Yeah, that'll make 'em click -- "prevailing worldview"! Sigh.) UPDATE: Marshall Crenshaw once closed liner notes with a characteristically ingratiating plea: "Do the fair thing, play this record loud" -- Joshua/Jane converts that special pleading into rational discourse.

In advance of the big book, Shanna reads The Sonnets.

Speaking of big books, second-pass galleys for this arrived Friday.

Coincidences: Waiting for the bacon to bake to a crisp, James and I were talking about windmills when I loaded this page. And for the fourth Fourth of July weekend in a row I (randomly) heard Ken Boothe blasting. Freedom Street!

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