Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Event report. My ongoing project to correct the NY poetry audience's preference for being fashionably late wasn't too badly derailed, and we got going around 6:42. Chris and I did a very mild impression of Douglas + Brendan, then Ange took the stage, reading pieces from the issue by Franklin Bruno, Rachel Loden, and herself. Tanya Larkin came all the way from Somerville, read her work from the magazine and some others -- why is Verse sleeping on this free agent? Standout. And then Mr. Frere-Jones gave his debut reading to the accompaniment of mild poetry heckling; Katie explaining the two-poem rule, Amy Edgar dropping some NY seniority, etc. Kim Lyons read her work in the issue, and apparently her remarks on the galleys never got to me; "Moon Gone" actually ends after the first or second stanza -- the rest of what we printed is the middle of another piece, oops. I feel an errata slip coming on. Amy closed the night by reading Gary Sullivan's work -- not "Thank You Soooo Much!" her fave piece in the issue, but the concrete poem "Close Reading" and the bad-penny poem.

We sold some issues, had a good crowd: Joshua Clover, Chris Nealon, Jon Thirkield, Joanna Fuhrman, Gina Myers, Jim Behrle, Nick Bredie, and many others whose names are escaping me. Time for a sandwich.

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