Friday, May 13, 2005

What does laying me low have to say for itself?

I got to the Loud Family's "Ballet Hetero" a few days before I expected to, and paused to admire the breathtaking anaphora:
The little deuce coupe
The fox on the run
The fugue state aphasia
The ego dismantled

The kiss in the fourth grade
The sex in the bathroom
The theme varied slightly
The four-county crackdown

The Heisenberg threshold
The virgin conception
Read David Shapiro's surreptitious selected poems, After, which is disguised as a catalogue for Tsibi Geva's paintings. It isn't possible to say enough good things about David's poems. I'll leave it at this for now -- no one could ever say of him that his poems lack affect. Such strong feeling every time out.

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