Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Read Margot Schilpp's Laws of My Nature. Who is she? Where'd this zeugma-loving sensualist come from, and how did she persuade Normal Poetry Incorporated that she's safe for public distribution?
I want that, I think, when I see the slender body
of the model, the deer's white tail,

the hood ornament that glints
in the strong sun...

("Taking Leave of My Senses")
I've heard it repeated that women in workshops only get attention from their teachers (male or female) when they write about desire. My own take is that writing about desire, far from being a cynical move to draw attention or a pragmatic acknowledgment that sex sells, is just the most direct way to ground work, to bring the all the writer's experience to bear on what's going on. I mean, if I can feel it in Marianne Moore's work as strongly as I do in William Carlos Williams's, or for that matter in Ange Mlinko's as clearly as in Anselm Berrigan's, then I'm going to tell my sexism alarms to stand down.

Anyway, when my cash flow improves, I'm going looking for Schilpp's 2001 debut, The World's Last Night.

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