Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I have the feeling Matadora is a real re-reader. "Velvet veto." "Though I am in despair, I have internet access." Almost nothing happens, but the almost is as elusive as the nothing. My bias is toward books that knock me over, the spectacular, but I can feel that changing, or maybe I changed ten years ago and I'm just noticing how now. When o when will we have Tan Lin's Ambient Stylistics? Now I want the book to sound like a human thought it would be fun to read. Without any invasive claim on the hypothetical reader. No claim felt here. I could read a lot more by Sarah Gambito.

According to this logic I ought to be more enthusiastic about the Krukowski Memory Theater. I keep wanting that title to have a second meaning, but theater refuses to personify. It's all right, but after 5000 Musical Terms... It feels like he's holding back, or that he's looking inward, stuck, and it annoys him.

Mark Truscott's Said Like Reeds or Things takes the route of the Richard Tuttle miniatures. From a distance they look worryingly cute, but up close they have details. "leaves answer answer leaves" and that's it for that page. It's enough. I'm curious about his ambition; I enjoyed the feeling I got from the book -- good-natured, sly, real.

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