Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Some proper names on the outside of the Healey book:

James Tate, Mary Ruefle, Stephen Malkmus, Minnesota Correctional Facilities, Conduit Magazine, American Poetry Review, Fence, jubilat, Open City, Verse, Washington D.C., Minneapolis.

And in the Dean Young tradition of listing the musical stimulants used during the production of the work, Healey notes that
Earthling was written while listening to: Aerial M/Papa M, Boxhead Ensemble, Gavin Bryars, Chicago Underground (Duo, Trio, Quartet), The Dead C, Eric Dolphy, John Fahey, Gastr Del Sol, The Glands, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Andrew Hill, Labradford, Mike Ladd, Language Removal Services, Low, Mogwai, Tara Jane O Neil, Pan American, Rachel's, Steve Reich, Smog, Sun Ra, Supreme Dicks, Wingtip Sloat.

Poets providing epigraphs to poems:

Eleni Sikelianos, Michael Palmer.


Proper names, the silent velcro of the new readerly generation.

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