Friday, June 25, 2004

Reading Ever Saskya's The Porch Is a Different Journey Than the House.

Keith Harris: "Eric Clapton, for when you care enough to say "I acknowledge the fact that I'm related to you and assume your musical interests can be roughly predicted from simple demographic information."

UPDATE: The two parts of this post are unrelated. Also, the correct title of Saskya's book is The Porch Is a Journey Different From the House. It's a pleasant and readable book -- but keeping the title straight... Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry said they originally meant for "Eternal Sunshine..." to have no title at all (as if it had been erased), and when they realized they couldn't get that one by, to have the title be eighteen words long: a list of the different colors Clementine dyes her hair in the course of the film. Kaufman acknowledged enjoying the thorniness of the title; Carrey referred to it as "External Sunscreen of the Spit-shined Maid" or something.

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