Sunday, May 16, 2004

BOOKS 2004*

1. Ron Padgett, Joe (Coffee House)

10. Jenny Browne, At Once (Tampa)
11. Ben Friedlander, Simulcast (Alabama)

100. Chris Edgar, At Port Royal (Adventures in Poetry)
101. Claudia Rankine, Don't Let Me Be Lonely (Graywolf)
110. Kasey Mohammad, Deer Head Nation (Tougher Disguises)**
111. Brigit Pegeen Kelly, The Orchard (BOA)

1000. Noelle Kocot, The Raving Fortune (Four Way)
1001. Tom Raworth, Collected Poems (Carcanet)**
1010. K.L. Evans, Whale! (Minnesota)
1011. Joseph Donahue, Incidental Eclipse (Talisman)
1100. Lyn Hejinian, guest ed., The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner)
1101. Catherine Wagner, Macular Hole (Fence)
1110. Beth Ann Fennelly, Tender Hooks (WW Norton)
1111. Joanna Fuhrman, Ugh Ugh Ocean (Hanging Loose)

10000. Rod Smith, Music or Honesty (Roof)
10001. James Richardson, Interglacial (Ausable)
10010. Christopher Nealon, The Joyous Age (Black Square)
10011. Matthea Harvey, Sad Little Breathing Machine (Graywolf)
10100. Tony Tost, Invisible Bride (LSU)
10101. Kim Rosenfield, Trama (Krupskaya)
10110. Ned Sublette, Cuba and Its Music (Da Capo/Chicago Review)
10111. Mary Ruefle, Tristimania (Carnegie Mellon)
11000. George Albon, Brief Capital of Disturbances (Omnidawn)
11001. Michael Lally, March 18, 2003 (Libellum)
11010. Rae Armantrout, Up to Speed (Wesleyan)
11011. Laura Kasischke, Gardening in the Dark (Ausable)
11100. Peter Gizzi, Some Values of Landscape and Weather (Wesleyan)
11101. Alice Fulton, Cascade Experiment (WW Norton)
11110. Maggie Nelson, The Latest Winter (Hanging Loose)
11111. Amy King, Antidotes for an Alibi (BlazeVox)

100000. Todd Colby, Tremble and Shine (Soft Skull)
100001. Franz Wright, Walking to Martha's Vineyard (Knopf)
100010. Juliana Spahr, Gentle Now Don't Add to Heartache (Subpo Self-pub)
100011. Michael Casey, Raiding a Whorehouse (Adastra)
100100. Guy Maddin, From the Atelier Tovar (Coach House)
100101. David Dodd Lee, Abrupt Rural (New Issues)
100110. Judith Vollmer, Reactor (Wisconsin)
100111. Laura Moriarty, Self-Destruction, (Post-Apollo)
101000. Peter Everwine, From the Meadow (Pittsburgh)
101001. Mark Jarman, To the Green Man (Sarabande)
101010. Benjamin Weissman, Headless (Akashic)
101011. Anne Winters, The Displaced of Capital (Chicago)
101100. Sharon Olds, Strike Sparks: Selected Poems (Knopf)
101101. Catherine Daly, Locket (Tupelo)
101110. Kyle Dargan, The Listening (Georgia)
101111. Sarah Gambito, Matadora (Alice James)
110000. Sam Swope, I Am a Pencil (Holt)
110001. Ruth Altmann, Across the Big Map (United Artists)
110010. Tonya Kelley, The First Person (Wasteland)
110011. Lee Ann Brown & Laynie Browne, Nascent Toolbox (The Owl)
110100. Allison Cobb, Born Two (Chax)
110101. Kaia Sand, Interval (Edge)
110110. Marjorie Welish, Word Group (Coffee House)
110111. Maureen Thorson, Mayport (Hermosa Neutron)
111000. Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Curious Conduct (BOA)
111001. Hayden Carruth, Letters to Jane (Ausable)
111010. Bradley Paul, The Obvious (New Issues)
111011. Catherine Barnett, Into Perfect Spheres... (Alice James)
111100. Srikanth Reddy, Facts for Visitors (California)
111101. Jeff Clark, Music and Suicide (FSG)
111110. Tom Pickard, The Dark Months of May (Flood)
111111. Nancy Willard, In the Salt Marsh (Knopf)

1000000. Catherine Doty, Momentum (CavanKerry)
1000001. Rodney Koeneke, Rouge State (Pavement Saw)
1000010. Martha Kinney, The Fall of Headless Horse (Akashic)
1000011. Kit Robinson, 9:45 (Post-Apollo)
1000100. Ray McDaniel, Murder (a Violet) (Coffee House)
1000101. Carol Mirakove, Occupied (Kelsey Street)
1000110. Cole Swensen, Goest (Alice James)
1000111. Damon Krukowski, The Memory Theater Burned (Turtle Point)
1001000. Hung Q. Tu, Structures of Feeling (Krupskaya)
1001001. Susan M. Schultz, And Then Something Happened (Salt)
1001010. Barbara Hamby, Babel (Pittsburgh)
1001011. Lisa Jarnot, Black Dog Songs (Flood)
1001100. Vijay Seshadri, The Long Meadow (Graywolf)
1001101. Lisa Robertson, Occasional Work and Seven Walks... (Clear Cut)
1001110. Prageeta Sharma, The Opening Question (Fence)
1001111. Joshua Beckman, Your Time Has Come (Verse)
1010000. Lorenzo Thomas, Dancing on Main Street (Coffee House)
1010001. Tan Lin, BlipSoak01 (Atelos)
1010010. David Shumate, High Water Mark (Pittsburgh)
1010011. Philip Levine, Breath (Knopf)
1010100. Wayne Koestenbaum, Model Homes (BOA)
1010101. Thomas Fink, After Taxes (Marsh Hawk)
1010110. Ted Greenwald, The Up and Up (Atelos)
1010111. Liz Waldner, Saving the Appearances (Ahsahta)
1011000. Susan Stewart, Columbarium (Chicago)
1011001. Mark Truscott, Said Like Reeds or Things (Coach House)
1011010. Rebecca Wolff, Figment (Norton)
1011011. Jack Evans, Work (Pressed Wafer)
1011100. Kathleen Fraser, Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling (Apogee)
1011101. G.C. Waldrep, Goldbeater's Skin (Center for Literary Publishing)
1011110. Samuel Reifler, October Snow (Pressed Wafer)
1011111. Peter Culley, Hammertown (New Star)
1100000. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Rules of the House (Apogee)
1100001. Dan Beachy-Quick, Spell (Ahsahta)
1100010. Quan Barry, Controvertibles (Pittsburgh)
1100011. J.H. Prynne, Furtherance (The Figures)
1100100. Jeff Derksen, Transnational Muscle Cars (Talonbooks)
1100101. Jonah Winter, Amnesia (Oberlin)
1100110. Jean Valentine, Door in the Mountain (Wesleyan)
1100111. Lee Ann Roripaugh, Year of the Snake (Southern Illinois)
1101000. John Godfrey, Private Lemonade (Adventures in Poetry)
1101001. Joseph Torra, After the Chinese (Pressed Wafer)
1101010. Elizabeth Treadwell, Lilyfoil (O)
1101011. Matthew Rohrer, A Green Light (Verse)
1101100. Deborah Digges, Trapeze (Knopf)
1101101. Devin Johnston, Aversions (Omnidawn)
1101110. Noah Eli Gordon, The Frequencies (Tougher Disguises)
1101111. Christian Bok, Eunoia (Coach House)
1110000. Donald Justice, Collected Poems (Knopf)
1110001. Dainis Hazners, (some of) The Adventures of Carlyle... (Iowa)
1110010. Matthew Thorburn, Subject to Change (New Issues)
1110011. John Kinsella, Peripheral Light (WW Norton)
1110100. Caroline Knox, He Paves the Road with Iron Bars (Verse)
1110101. Christian Hawkey, The Book of Funnels (Verse)
1110110. Betsy Sholl, Late Psalm (Wisconsin)
1110111. Christine Hume, Alaskaphrenia (New Issues)
1111000. Rodrigo Toscano, To Leveling Swerve (Krupskaya)
1111001. Ever Saskya, The Porch Is a Journey... (New Issues)
1111010. JoAnn Wasserman, The Escape (Futurepoem)
1111011. Steve Healey, Earthling (Coffee House)
1111100. Lisa Lubasch, To Tell the Lamp (Avec)
1111101. John Olson, Free Stream Velocity (Black Square)
1111110. Sawako Nakayasu, So We Have Been Given Time Or (Verse)
1111111. Michael Farrell, Ode Ode (Salt)

10000000. John Tipton, Surfaces (Flood)
10000001. Dorothea Tanning, A Table of Content (Graywolf)
10000010. A. Van Jordan, MacNolia (WW Norton)
10000011. Beth Anderson, Overboard (Burning Deck)
10000100. Catherine Daly, dadada (Salt)
10000101. Hermine Meinhard, Bright Turquoise Umbrella (Tupelo)
10000110. Eleni Sikelianos, The California Poem (Coffee House)
10000111. Graham Foust, Leave the Room to Itself (Ahsahta)
10001000. Murat Nemet-Nejat, ed., Eda: Contemporary Turkish Poetry (Talisman)
10001001. Bill Lavender, While Sleeping (Chax)
10001010. Heidi Lynn Staples, Guess Can Gallop (New Issues)
10001011. Natasha Saje, Bend (Tupelo)
10001100. Heather Thomas, Resurrection Papers (Chax)
10001101. Michael Rothenberg, Unhurried Vision (La Alameda)
10001110. Ann Townsend, The Coronary Garden (Sarabande)
10001111. Sarah Maclay, Whore (Tampa)
10010000. Martin Corless-Smith, Nota (Fence)
10010001. Mark Wallace, Haze (Edge)
10010010. Mark Wunderlich, Voluntary Servitude (Graywolf)
10010011. Eleni Sikelianos, The Book of Jon (City Lights)
10010100. Susan Browne, Buddha's Dogs (Four Way)
10010101. Carol Snow, The Seventy Prepositions (California)
10010110. David St. John, The Face (HarperCollins)
10010111. Patrick Donnelly, The Charge (Ausable)
10011000. Celia Bland, Soft Box (Cavankerry)
10011001. Steve Carll/Bill Marsh, Tao Drops/I Change (Subpress)
10011010. Michael Boughn, Dislocations in Crystal (Coach House)
10011011. Scott Withiam, Arson & Prophets (Ashland Poetry Press)
10011100. Charles O. Hartman, Island (Ahsahta)
10011101. John Taggart, Pastorelles (Flood)
10011110. Lohren Green, Poetical Dictionary (Atelos)
10011111. Rafael Perez Estrada, Devoured by the Moon (Hanging Loose)
10100000. Tina Chang, Half-Lit Houses (Four Way)
10100001. Drew Milne, Go Figure (Salt)
10100010. W.S. DiPiero, Brother Fire (Knopf)
10100011. Gerry Gilbert, Moby Jane (Coach House)
10100100. Deborah Richards, Last One Out (Subpress)
10100101. Aaron McCollough, Welkin (Ahsahta)
10100110. Todd Baron, tv eye (Chax)
10100111. Dan Chiasson, The Afterlife of Objects (Chicago)
10101000. Barry Schwabsky, Opera (Meritage)
10101001. Adrian Blevins, The Brass Girl Brouhaha (Ausable)
10101010. Andrew Zawacki, Anabranch (Wesleyan)
10101011. Peter Streckfus, The Cuckoo (Yale)
10101100. David Mura, Angels for the Burning (BOA)
10101101. Mark Yakich, Unrelated Individuals... (Penguin)
10101110. Kirsten Kaschock, Unfathoms (Slope)
10101111. Elizabeth Treadwell, Chantry (Chax)
10110000. William D. Waltz, Zoo Music (Slope)
10110001. Kathleen Peirce, The Ardors (Ausable)
10110010. Jen Bervin, Nets (Ugly Duckling)
10110011. Rachel Zucker, The Last Clear Narrative (Wesleyan)
10110100. Gerry LaFemina, The Window Facing Winter (New Issues)
10110101. Lev Rubinstein, Catalogue of Comedic Novelties (Ugly Duckling)
10110110. Brian Blanchfield, Not Even Then (California)
10110111. Dmitri Prigov, Fifty Drops of Blood (Ugly Duckling)
10111000. Adrian Matejka, The Devil's Garden (Alice James)
10111001. Don Paterson & Charles Simic, eds., New British Poetry (Graywolf)

*Excluding Free Radicals, which I edited with Sarah Manguso,
and Li Bloom's Radish, which includes poems I wrote with Li.

**Published before 2004 -- so sue me.

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